So your babies have arrived – and they are twins. Don’t psyche out. There are easy ways to handle them by just following a schedule and being a little flexible in what you plan to do. Here are some tips that our IL readers have shared.

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The main issue which may arrive would be nursing them. Try and buy the twin nursing pillow. It not only helps feeding both kids at one time. But also you can just rest them on the pillow and not wait for help from another person. I’ve watched several shows where the parents write a list of things to do for each kid separately. This helps when initially you are a little confused. If u take kid A at 8am for a bath, make sure u tick it off in the sheet and move to kid B. May look cumbersome but I am sure you will get used to it. Hire a nanny or a helper for work regarding home. Mentally and emotionally, since half your thoughts are engaged with kids, do not ignore the fact that you have something called a personal life. Take time out, stay healthy and also stay in constant touch with your husband. There are several websites which have doctors giving expert advice on the same. Make sure you check them out – krithbala21

According to me the initials stages are not too tough since the first few months baby is just sleeping. Things will get tougher once they start moving. You can’t afford to leave them alone. In my opinion you definitely need someone to do the household chores so that u can devote time for the baby. A lot depends on the gender and temperament of your baby too. If freezing food is your way out may be you can find time out then. The most important thing which mothers of twins have to manage and follow is sync the time of both the babies. Don’t ever think of feeding one and making the other sleep. Or else it will be a endless job. – RamyaSridhar1978 

You need to have a routine and as a mother of twins you have to set that. Play some soothing music for the kids to go to sleep quickly, give soft massages etc. – polymorphic

I bathe them one by one. I make one baby sit in rocker with belt attached when bathing another. I breastfed both babies till 1 yr old. That time was a little tough because both cried same time but I fed whoever seemed fussier that time and give some small toy to another. I bought high chairs and they got used to sit in one place and eat also. Main advice I got from other twin mom are feeding at same time and putting them to sleep at same time. sumipani 

For bringing up twins for first six months, better you have some elders with you. Feeding also, the doctor advised you can feed both of them simultaneously. It is up to your comfort. I also gave them lactogen and nan. I also pumped milk and kept it in the bottle. You can manage, it will appear tough, but when you start handling, everything will fall in place. Buy a twin pram, with seats adjacent to each other. It will be really helpful when you feed (after you start cerelac etc.) take them outside, giving a bath, one can be made sit in the pram and other can be given bath. It was a real boon for me. – chithirainilavu

If you are lucky to get some help you can manage without much issues. My guru was and is the internet. I joined many internet twin moms forums and that helped me with ideas on how to make life easy. One thing i would like to advise is have a timetable try to do ever thing together for the little ones as much as possible. – RenukaVimal

First make a list for things to be purchased for babies so that you could get all stuffs ahead. Don’t buy feeding bottles that are alike as you can end up in confusion. – seline

I feed them at the same time and make them sleep at the same time so that i can sleep when they sleep. From birth I follow this. I also breast feed one kid and formula for the other and then next time the alternative. jeyasree87

Having and then managing new born twins is a big job. You will be learning new things at each step of the way and the job will be double each time. But don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Love them and keep them safe and you will be just fine.