Editor’s Note: Bringing in humour while experiencing nausea, cramping, feet swelling and fatigue is not easy. But this mom-to-be has done it. Find out what our member Raba feels about the little one growing in her tummy. Share your laughs with us here. 

Yes! Its me relaying my thoughts from the ‘belly resort’. 

First of all,my dad thinks that he has got the voice of the great Ilayaraja/Yesudas and sings to me daily.And that too the same song (then pandi seemayilae) by keeping his mouth very near to mom’s belly. Whenever I cannot not tolerate it I kick his mouth hard, But he jumps in joy and tells mom that I am dancing and enjoying his singing. 

My cousin who is 3.5 years old too sings rhymes, unlike his maternal uncle (you guessed it right !! Its my dad).He is so sweet and gives me lot of kisses. He happily told he will share all the toys with me.

My athai and mama are eagerly preparing him for my arrival. But mom strongly thinks that if I am a boy, everyone in the family will go bald , managing us. Don’t worry mom!! whether i am a boy or girl , I will get along with Bava smoothly.

Next comes the ‘resemblance game’ which they play often. Here it goes, If they want to know whose teeth or nose i will resemble, mom does the ‘inky pinky ponky’. One thing i did not get is that the last line of inky pinky ponky mostly ends with the extra ‘kee’ like ponky ky. Lately i understood that it is mom’s trick to make the finger point to her. Sigh!! 

Dad always scolds mom that she is changing her sides without getting up and she is sleeping on her back like a frog or rather cockroach(relax mom!!! truth is bitter sometimes) facing up, thereby rocking me back and forth. Do you think mom agrees silently? Nah! 

She gets her turn whenever dad is driving the car. 
Mom : you are rotating us in 360 degrees. you can go slow only if we get ‘Flintstones’ type car
Dad : even if we get one , I will be the one to run in the road, carrying the car.
(imagine poi kaal kudhirai) you will be conveniently sitting cross legged in the seat , 
shouting at my running skills

This never comes to an end and I started doubting, am I residing in a belly resort or is it actually a ‘tora tora’ ride in ‘belly theme park’.

My only hope to tackle these things is my lovely grandparents.

Only 3 more months, for me to take my turn at them. I will smile, kick and cry to break their assumptions and express my real feelings And my dad is going to listen to my ‘songs’ soon. Let me see how he will sleep.

My dear aunts, grannies and thathas will you help me explain to my parents that there is a little creature here trying to grow peacefully and ask them to be considerate? 

Yours lovingly,
The sweet Womb pie