It is highly possible that you will notice that your ankles and feet get swollen (known as edema) during the third trimester of your pregnancy. It is a very common phenomenon and it happens when excess fluid tends to collect in your tissues. He reasons behind this are:

Excess water is retained by your body during pregnancy

There are changes in the blood chemistry

The increasing size of your uterus puts pressure on the pelvic veins and the vena cava. This slows the speed at which the blood can return from the legs. Thus the veins force the fluid into the tissues which bloats up the feet and the ankles.

However, sometimes your swelling can become more severe. This could be if you are carrying multiple foetuses, if your womb has excess amniotic fluid or you have preeclampsia (a condition during pregnancy which is characterized by high blood pressure and excess amounts of protein retention in the urine. If left untreated it can lead to life threatening seizures). When the swelling is severe, you will also notice that

  • Your face will puff up
  • Your hands will get highly swollen
  • You will experience headaches, blurred vision and sudden weight gain.
  • One leg will seem significantly more swollen than the other (which could be due to a blood clot)

It is highly probable that that you will experience some amount of swelling during the end stages of your pregnancy, But for those who it becomes severe, show a doctor immediately.

Have you experienced swollen ankles during pregnancy? Did you need medications to reduce it? Or did you use any home remedies? Share your experiences with us here or here