Editor’s Note: Pregnancy is a time to rejoice. After all a new life is growing inside you. However, pregnancy also brings with is many a health challenges. Once such is heart burn and acidity. Our IL members lists out various home remedies that will cure it. Share your remedy with us too, here.

Have melagu jeera rice with salt and ghee a little gettiya. Drink lots of water with salt and sugar to compensate the fluid outflow from the body  – sunkan

If you know an ayurvedic shop you get ashtachuran…a pinch of this with water/buttermilk as per your taste helps in digestion and also relieves you of gastric problem. – Shanvy

Eat a lot of mint leaves and drink a lot of water. do avoid oily and spicy food. Soak a few (about 1/2 tsp) fenugreek (methi seeds) in about 2 tbsp of water at night. consume the water of these seeds along with the seeds first thing in the morning with a glass of water- priyauc

In the morning, take warm water with a spoon of honey on empty stomach. After some 15 minutes, take your milk. Having some roasted ajwain (Omam ) after meals helps.
If you get hungry in the nights, take cold milk with honey. Cook vegetable with ginger to aid digestion.- Sumathy

If you believe in yoga the do “vaman” once a week. When you get up in the morning, after freshening up, take 4-5 glasses of warm water add salt and go on drinking till you feel you will throw up or rather you literally have to throw up, let all the water come out naturally first then put fingers in your mouth and force out all the water till you feel that you can throw up any more. – roopadadia