Editor’s Note: Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, it is of vital importance that you remain healthy and fit for the next forty weeks. Our member healthonmove gives us some valuable tips on to remain so. Share your tips and ideas with us here.

Being pregnant is a thrilling experience and having a baby born out of your own flesh is the most miraculous thing that can ever happen. But it can also become quite overwhelming.Pregnancy is a time of uncertainty with all sorts of questions arising in your mind. Plenty of info and facts are swimming around to get into your head. It might seem like all and sundry has an advice or opinion about you and your baby. The best way to keep away from confusions, contradictions, myths and information-overload is to educate yourself from reliable sources. 

If you are healthy during pregnancy and afterwards too, then that will be an icing on the cake for you, your child and your spouse. After all, you can take care of your family only when you are healthy yourself. So, if your urine pregnancy test comes positive or if you are planning to be pregnant, then, certainly there are things that you must keep in the back of your mind.

Healthy Eating for To-be-moms

For a healthy pregnancy, you need to eat a balanced diet which must include foods from a variety of sources including vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, milk & dairy products, meat, as well as fish. Have a fruit along with a fistful of dry fruits within 10 minutes of waking up & before going for your morning walk. Enjoy a nutritious breakfast after an hour. You’ll feel great!

On an average, 5-6 servings in a day are sufficient. In between your meals, grab a fruit or yogurt or even a glass of milk to supplement your diet with necessary nutrients and most importantly, calcium.

How to Relieve Nausea, Vomiting, Heartburn and Constipation Symptoms

  • Small portion size meals with lots of liquid in between meals.
  • Avoid foods that are high in fat, spicy, and have a strong odor. 
  • Eat slowly & chew thoroughly.
  • Avoid reclining immediately after meals.
  • Eat whole-grain foods and exercise regularly.

Some More Health Tips during Pregnancy

  • You must abstain completely from smoking and drinking all through your pregnancy, as there is no safe amount and also no safe time to smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Try to be regular with some physical activity throughout your pregnancy period as it helps to improve your mood-swings, facilitates proper weight gain, reduces stress, promotes sound sleep, increases muscle tone, builds stamina for forthcoming labour and delivery.
  • Create a healthy and pleasant atmosphere as being a happy mother guarantees for a healthy baby.