Studies have shown that the number of couples experiencing conception problems, despite a year of regular physical relationship without the use of any contraceptives, has been growing over the years. Surprisingly men are responsible for this 40% of the time.

A sperm count between 120 and 350 million per cubic centimetre is considered average while that below 40 million per cubic centimetre is low. Low counts are often due to toxins like smoking, alcohol, pollution and even excess heat from hot baths or tight underwear.

A number of medicines and technologies are now available to help with conception. However, here are six natural methods to help your partner increase his sperm count.


The presence of xenoestrogens found in pesticides and plastic adversely affect the sperm quality. This can be controlled by avoiding:

  • Plastic containers to store food or using plastic bottles for water;
  • Coffee filters, napkins, tissue papers and toilet rolls that have been bleached or made of bleached paper;
  • Exposure to chlorinated water;
  • Deodorants;
  • Fatty products like red meat and high fat dairy;
  • Alcohol and excess of caffeine;
  • Barbecued food;

And by including the following in your diet:

  • A lot of antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables;
  • Organic food.


Make sure you get yourself a lot of exercise and try and maintain an ideal weight. Obesity not only causes a hormonal imbalance thereby reducing the testosterone level, but also the excess fat stored in the lower abdomen and near the testes causes heat which reduces the sperm count.

Exercise like cycling, should however be avoided as it could cause trauma to the testicles.

Also, overweight people should not sit for long hours, and keep taking a break of ten to fifteen minutes of ‘walking breaks’.

Added to this, efforts should be made to lower stress levels through yoga and meditation.