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31 Weeks Pregnant

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31 Weeks Pregnant

You have finished 30 weeks of pregnancy! Congratulations! As you enter your third trimester you will notice how much weight you are your baby are fast gaining. Continue eating a well balanced diet and do not miss any of your routine checkups. Know more on how to handle these last few weeks of your pregnancy best in our short pregnancy e-book.

Changes in Your Body at Week 31

As your pregnancy draws nearer and you soon step in the 32nd week of being pregnant you will notice that although your ligament pain subsides, your back pain increases a lot. Although sleeping for long periods may be difficult for you, do try and relax as much as you possibly can.

Your breasts begin to prepare for lactation. So it is possible that you will notice a sticky yellowish substance leaking out from your breasts. This is called colostrum. And this is a very normal thing to happen.

You may also find that when you cough or sneeze you tend to leak a little urine. This is also a normal phenomenon at this stage of a woman’s pregnancy.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 31

The lungs are almost completely mature at this stage. And it is able to inflate properly. It also produces surfactant which prevents it from collapsing after birth.

The baby inside you can hear everything at this stage – even your breath and your heart beat.

With its toe and finger nails fully formed, it has developed the ability to scratch itself in the womb.

The baby has reached the stage when it will open its eyes. And when it does it will focus and see things within a limited range.

Your baby is swallowing and urinating up to a half litre a day at this stage. So the level of the amniotic fluid in the sac is very important now. Excess of it means that the baby isn’t swallowing properly. This could cause gastrointestinal problems. On the other hand, too little of it means that the baby is not urinating enough thereby causing kidney problems. The doctor will determine if all is fine or not by examining the size of your belly and match it with the ideal size that it should be at this stage of any woman’s pregnancy. He can even ask you to do an ultrasound.

Week 31 Tips and Advice

The best sleeping posture is on your side. Use a side pillow to support your back and your tummy to make it more comfortable for you.

Practice Kegel exercises to prevent sudden urine leakage e when you sneeze, laugh or cough. Also use panty liners for added protection.

Week 31 Fun

While you still have some energy left, get your house cleaned. But don’t try and do it all on your own, get friends and relatives to help you. And make it as baby safe as possible.

Speak to your doctor and take a tour of the birthing center. Familiarize yourself with the surrounding before the final day arrives. It feels nice.

So have you begun doing your Kegel exercises? Are they helping you? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

Week 31 Articles – Coming Soon!!!


Week 31 Discussions

Week 31 Have a Laugh

Two little boys overheard talking:

Boy 1: My mom is having a new baby. 

Boy 2: What’s wrong with the old one?

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Two cannibals, a father and son, are walking down the street, when they notice a hot girl passing by.

The son says to the father, "Daddy, I'm hungry, let’s eat that girl that just passed by."

The father replies, "I've got a better idea son, let’s take this one home and eat your mother instead!" continue reading...


Thought for the day!

“There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.”

-Harold Stephens

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014
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Your Fortune For Today
Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Your best success today will be close to home. If you have an intimate and important conversation pending with a close person, today is the day to do it. If some issues are bothering you, especially with a loved one, then it’s a good time to start communicating. On other fronts, some situations that have seemed uncertain will begin to gradually clarify.

Today sees you juggling many commitments at once. Cut back where you can and make time to yourself a priority. You can burn out if you continue to do for others, without caring for yourself. Staying calm will help you avoid impulsive actions. If there are problems, consider seeking expert advice.

You may get the feeling that you’re rubbing against sandpaper today. More than likely, this is a result of issues deep inside you. Some of these emotions concern the constant tension between old and new energies clashing within your world. This is one of those days in which things come to a head. Pieces of your inner being are hitting you square in the face.

You’ve got a lot on your mind right now and others might be interpreting your quiet behavior as your being aloof. Go right ahead and let them think whatever they want. You’ve got some real issues to think through, and decisions with important consequences to come up with. You’ll be able to smooth their ruffled feathers later. Right now, just focus on taking care of yourself.

Some people in your life look up to you and trust your opinions. If you are asked for advice, consider the situation carefully and answer with great care. Trust your intuition because your hunches are generally correct. Stressful confrontations can give rise to misunderstandings and a tendency to be deceptive.

Change your lifestyle if you want to get immediate relief from your prolonged tension and strains of life. Put on your track pants and go for a jog or a brisk walk. Make exercise a part of your daily routine and remember to keep smiling as it will go a long way in keeping you healthy.

Paperwork involving money could be a real drag for you today. It will be important to get it done but you will want to just leave it and go elsewhere. Try to channel your energy into getting the work done quickly rather than thinking of bailing. After a morning of intense, tedious work, you’ll probably be ready for some entertainment like a movie or sports event. Have fun!

Some older visitors to your home, perhaps your parents, might be too vocal in their assessment of how you’re handling a situation. You’re particularly sensitive today, and far less tolerant of criticism than usual. Don’t lash out. Causing a rift won’t solve anything. Change the subject and take whatever course of action you feel is best.

You’re naturally stable and responsible. Today you’re likely to choose duty over following your own desires. What makes you happy? Life is better if you balance the things that nurture your spirit with the things you must do for others. Ignoring this can hurt your health.


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