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As you finish your 28 weeks of pregnancy your doctor visits now become more frequent to see if your baby is in good health. You should continue to eat enough and proper food as you head towards the end of your pregnancy. Know more on how you can best handle your pregnancy in our short guide about pregnancy.

Changes in Your Body at Week 29 Pregnancy

The hormones in your body makes your skin itchy, dry and flaky. So keep it well moisturized. But if the skin rashes are severe then do show it to your doctor. Especially now that you will soon enter your 30th week of pregnancy.

At 29 weeks of pregnancy, the aches, pains and mood swings continue to plague you. But hang in there and try out methods to calm down your nerves.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 29 Pregnancy

The baby is now kicking quite hard. Sometimes these kicks will even take your breath away. It can also cause pelvic and rib pain and also unintentional urine loss. This will slowly reduce in the coming weeks though – as the baby grows it has lesser space to move around and kick.

The brain, lungs, muscles and the hearing continue to improve and develop this week.

Week 29 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

As the baby creates more blood of its own, your iron levels may decrease. So it is important for you to take the prenatal tablets with right amount of iron, as this is necessary to replenish your red blood cell count. In this context you may be asked to do a blood test for anemia as well.

As your baby grows and consumes most of the nutrients you will notice that your hunger pangs increase. While you should eat, do keep a watch on what you eat!

At 29 weeks of pregnancy know more about how you can cope with the labor pain and all the methods available. Speak to your doctor in case of any doubts.

Avoid sleeping on your back and instead lie on your side. This improves the blood circulation to the baby inside you.

Week 29 Fun

Use this time at 29 weeks of pregnancy to assemble all the baby gear that you will need. Once the child arrives and you are sleep deprived you won’t be in the mood to choose the cribs and strollers. Also become more hands on with the battery operated gadgets like the swings and the mobiles that your child will need.

Start making a list of all those who want to help out after the child is born. After birth you will be too overwhelmed to remember who all had volunteered to help out. Ask a close family member to call all these people and set up a schedule as to who should be present at what time and at what day of the week.

Did you feel your baby’s sharp kicks this week? Was it painful? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 29 Have a Laugh

One day a co-worker told one of my male friends that she was going home early because she didn’t feel well. Since my friend was just getting over something himself, he wished her well and said he hoped it wasn’t something he had given her. With a smile I told him, “I hope not. She has morning sickness.”