Editor’s Note: We need to teach our children to love, understand, respect and take care of another’s feelings and emotions. Our member tuffyshri tells us how; through a story. Share your experiences with us here.

The class IV of Fairy Tale School was a busy one. There were nice students except a bunch who kept bullying others. Their teacher Rosy had always tried to correct these but in vain. 

Once a new boy called Rahul joined the class. His father got transferred to this city and so he had joined this school. Rahul was a bright student, came first in studies… good in art… very nice and friendly person. Unfortunately he was physically challenged. This became a point ofobject for the set of students to make fun of Rahul. They in fact left all the other kids and kept on bullying Rahul. They were very rude to him. They kept on teasing Rahul for his mishap. But Rahul kept ignoring them. Except one day. Rahul got a bit hurt because of the constant bullying and spoke back for the first time.

‘Please do not make fun of others’ he spoke softly.

‘ho ho ho… what is that lame boy?’ asked the rudest person Sunil.

‘I said it is bad to make fun of others’ he spoke a bit loud.

‘Haa… look who is talking… you are such a lame boy… can you run like me… can you hop like me…?? ha ha ha’ Sunil kept on hurting Rahul.

Rahul shed tears as he was deeply hurt and quickly started to move away from Sunil.

‘run run… try running Rahul…’ Sunil cried out. 

Few days later…. Sunil got into an accident. He fell from the pillion of his father’s scooter as they got skidded by mud while avoiding the lorry. Unfortunately the lorry crashed Sunil’s right leg. He was rushed to hospital only to discover that he had lost his leg. He was crying and crying and crying. The news reached the school. None of the students were feeling sorry for him for he had always hurt everyone. Except Rahul!!

Rahul was a kind boy and he immediately seeked his teacher’s help to take him to the hospital. Rosy mam and the class went to see Sunil. Rahul was in tears but then consoled himself. When Sunil saw Rahul he felt so ashamed that he hid himself into the bedsheets. He turned very red. But Rahul put his arm around Sunil and spoke in a soft voice

‘It is ok… you are alright Sunil… be brave…let us be happy that it is just the leg that is gone and not yourself…’

Sunil was stunned. He shed lot of tears and sobbed at Rahul.

‘Oh Rahul… how I have hurt you… am so so sorry Rahul…’

‘It is ok Sunil… don’t cry…just promise that you will be nice to everyone and not to hurt others… just empathize their feelings and react accordingly’

‘sure Rahul… I promise… can you be my friend’

‘I am always your friend.’ And the two friends hugged each other