Keeping kids entertained at home during holidays can be quite a challenge. Here are a few options of you can do so.


Bring out your child’s creative side by letting her colour or paint using her imagination. If your child is a little older, then you could go a step further and let her paint a wall of her own room. Don’t worry about a perfect technique, give her a free hand. Even you can join her and create a wonderful home improvement project.


Children love to help around, and there are many simple and easy recipes that you can try out with your child. Be it sandwiches or cookies, letting them whip up such goodies instills in them a sense of confidence and responsibility. This is a fun way to make them appreciate the effort that goes into cooking a meal.


In this age of global warming, inculcating the habit of planting trees will be one that will be appreciated for generations. Teach your child to plant a tree and thereafter nurture it. You will be glad to see her happiness when the seed grows into a plant, and then flowers in front of her eyes. If you do not have garden space you could also plant some small herbs and vegetables in a pot.


Walk down memory lane gathering happy memories and have some crafty fun in the scrapbooking process. Bring out family tree photographs, excursion memorabilia and weave them into a book of wonderful memories. Look at your child’s eyes widening, when she sees her baby pictures. This is a sure shot family bonding exercise.

Playing Board Games Together

In today’s fast paced, technology-centered world, the best thing we can give our children is our time. Hooking a child to a computer game is convenient, but it does not motivate them to communicate with others.  On the other hand, playing board games with your child not only boosts her self esteem, but also results in spending quality time with her. So bring out the board games that we as kids played, and help your child learn new skills and concepts while building their healthy competitive urges.

Karaoke Session

This is my personal favourite. If your child loves to sing, then bring out the karaoke collection and sing along with your child to her favourite tunes. Watch and marvel on how she combines her dance routines to her tunes, and enjoy this blissful musical mayhem.


As a parent, we all know the importance of reading to our child. So let your child select her favourite story to be read together. Thereafter, ask her to enact her own make-believe story. Assist her with fancy dresses, dolls, toys etc and watch her using her imagination to create a dramatic play. Involving other family members is a great way to strengthen the family bond.