Prepare a Contingency Plan should the Child fall Sick

While it might be very important for you to get back to work after pregnancy at the earliest, do remember that your little one is very tiny. So there will be occasions when you might have to rush back home or even take leaves. Especially when she falls ill. In such cases keep a contingency plan ready. This plan should be two fold.

At work       

Keep one person well informed so that she can take over your work for the day and time when you are absent.

  • Keep yourself a little flexible with the work hours if possible
  • Keep your seniors informed about your situation when you are joining back.

At home

Train the care giver of your child to inform you immediately if ever your child suddenly falls ill.
Be friendly with your neighbors because they are the ones who will reach you quickest should you need help with your sick child.
Keep all emergency numbers stored in your phone and also maintain a diary for it which others can refer to if you are not around.