The time for honoring and worshiping Lord Ganesha is here. As everyone gears up for the festivities, here are some fun activities that you can do with your child. They are enjoyable and they teach too.

Crossword Puzzles

Devise your own crossword puzzle and then as your little one to solve it. For the younger kids you can keep it simpler by using clues like “What does the Lord like to eat most?” or “What animal face doe the Lord have?” For the elder ones make it a little difficult by playing with His different names like Eshanputra which means Lord Shiva’s Son or Gajavakra which means Trunk of The Elephant.

Names of the Lord

Ask your child how many names of the Lord she knows. Tell her a few more! Then giver her a box of sweets and ask her to to go around asking the other elders in the family or in the society complex for more names. Whoever can give a new name and its meaning gets as sweet from her. It will be a lot of fun given that the Lord has 108 names.


try out different craft ideas. the younger ones can do finger painting to make Lord Ganesha’s picture or even carve one out of play dough. The elder ones can make the Lord’s picture on glass painting or even on fabric. You could even decorate cardboard boxes and turn them into sweet boxes

Visit Pandals

Nothing can be more wonderful if you are in Mumbai during this festival. The famous pandals are almost all in this city. The other cities, however, also have their share of festivities. Dress up in new clothes and go pandal hopping.

Cultural Programme

Hold a quiz contest amongst the kids and school or even in the society. See who knows how much about the Lord. Drawing and colouring competitions, sweet making competitions can also be conducted.