Editor’s Note: Friendship day is here. So go celebrate and have fun with your closest pals. But always remember that one true friend is much better than ten fair weather friends. Our member tuffyshri tells us, through a story, why we need to choose our friends correctly. It is an easy-to tell-story for all the small children out there. 

Once there was a louse who lived in the King’s bed. It used to stay calm over the day time and when the night comes it would suck the blood out of the King’s head as he sleeps on the bed. It had good food and thus lived a happy life in the King’s bed.

A bed bug saw the louse living a happy life. It too wanted such a happy life and with that idea, befriended the louse. The louse was suspicious but then started considering the bed bug as its friend. 

One day the bed bug told the louse “Hey friend… you are living such a happy life… lying on the kings bed… I also want to try that… that beautiful, soft and cozy bed… please I will also lie beside you.”

Hearing this, the louse got scared. It replied “What??? no way… you cannot step on this bed… not at all.”

The bed bug said “Why??? you are happily lying there all day and night right… why can’t I too enjoy it?”

The louse said ” know how to live here… I will not worry the king unnecessarily. I will suck his blood without him knowing it… but you are not like that.”

The bed bug kept on pleading and the louse halfheartedly agreed to let the bed bug lie for only one night. The bed bug happily jumped on the bed and waited for the king to sleep on it. When the king dozed off to a deep sleep, it immediately started biting him everywhere and started sucking the blood. The king jumped aloud and started screaming out of pain. He immediately summoned his guards to thoroughly check the bed. The guards topsy-turvied the entire bed and found the bed bug and the louse lying there. They put their foot on these and crushed them to death within a wink of the eye! 

Poor Louse… because of an incorrect friendship it lost its life!