It is important to teach our kids how to be environmentally responsible. Here are a few easy ways to begin with.

Paper Bags

Teach them to use paper bags instead of plastic ones. They are more eco friendly. Recycle old newspaper by cutting and stapling them into paper bags which you, as a family, can use when you go out. Also, buy environment friendly products like jute bags, and carry them during grocery shopping instead of plastic ones.


Teach your child to switch of lights and fans in rooms, when no one is around and also their computers and cell phone chargers, once they are done with it. It not only saves electricity and energy but also money.


A lot of water is wasted when kids leave taps on, while brushing their teeth, or keep the shower on while playing in the bathroom. Turning these off will conserve water, which is an important aspect of being environmental conscious.


Trees are environment friendly products. So plant a few fruit and vegetable trees in a society garden or in your own green patch. And if these are not available then just grow your own herbs like tulsi, coriander or vegetables like tomatoes and potatoes in pots. Its healthy and a fun way to teach our kids.


Teach your child how to cycle. Not only will her feet muscles develop, but she will learn how this mode of transport is non polluting and eco friendly. Also walk with her to nearby places instead of using the car and set an example.


Stress on how important it is to keep the earth clean. Take your child for a walk to a nearby garden and both of you collect all the garbage that you find there. Dispose of the bags in a dustbin. It’s a simple way to becoming more environmental conscious.

Car pool

Start car pooling with parents who stay close by while driving your child to school. Take turns in doing it. Not only will the kids enjoy the company but they will also learn how important it is to conserve petrol. One car on the road, instead of four, also reduces the pollution on the roads.

Don’t pluck

Teach your child how honey bees help with pollination by flying from one flower to another, which in turn creates fruits and more plant growth. Once they know the truth, they will think twice before plucking a flower from a tree next time.


If there are empty soda cans or plastic jars in the house that you no longer need, then you can ask your child to paint them and then those can be used to store her small toys and clips or even be turned into a pencil stand or a flower vase. It’s better to reuse and be eco friendly.