When you child suffers from watery bowel or diarrhea, you need to keep her well hydrated and give her sugar-and-salt or ORS with water.This said, here are some more home remedies that work wonders.


Yogurt helps to produce lactic acid in the intestines, which kill the germs. Sometimes kids get diarrhea due to antibiotics too. In such cases probiotic yogurts work well because they replenish the beneficial bacteria, within the intestines that the antibiotics kill.


BRAT stands for banana, rice, apple (not the raw apple but the boiled and then mashed pulpy apple sauce) and toast (brown un-buttered toast). These foods, because of their binding nature, control the loose bowels. After two days of the BRAT diet, you can begin to introduce fruits, and vegetables again but only very small amounts.

Fat and Fibers

For those suffering from chronic diarrhea, a mix of fiber and fat works well. For example, you can cook various cereals and vegetables in olive oil or butter.


The acid of the buttermilk fights the diarrhea-causing bacteria. A few spoons of it mixed with a pinch of salt maybe be given two or three times a day.


Nutmeg is very effective cure. Half a teaspoon of its paste can be given to kids. The dose can either be mixed in a little warm water, or given with honey.

Carrot Soup

This soup with has many minerals like sodium, potassium, phosphorus, etc, in it which helps to combat the infection. In order to make it, carrots should be boiled in water with a pinch of salt, till soft. Then it should be blended well until it becomes a smooth pulpy paste. A few spoons of it can be given to the baby.


Pomegranate JuiceThe juice of this fruit cures the infection, because of its astringent properties.

Mango seeds – These, if collected during season time, and then dried in the shade, and then powered, and kept, can be used as an effective home remedy for diarrhea. For a toddler, no more than a pinch in a teaspoon of honey is required.


Turmeric Turmeric is an effective intestinal antiseptic and a gastric stimulant. Add it to buttermilk or stir it into warm water.

Ginger – Powder dry ginger together with rock salt in an equal ratio. A pinch of that, with a little jaggery, cures diarrhoea well.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is an effective cure because it replenishes the body with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and other phyto-nutrients. All these are in the form of electrolytes, which the human body can easily absorb.

Other than this, other liquids like barley or rice water are helpful too. The starch in them helps to bind the stools quickly.

However, if diarrhea persists or you notice any blood in her stools, then its best to see the doctor.