Water is a necessity and hence water saving important. On this ‘Water Day’, here are 6 fun ways to teach the concept of water conservation to your child.

Stopwatch in the Bathroom

Water is most used in the bathroom. So it’s a place to teach your child about conservation. First explain why conservation is important, and then place a stop watch and challenge them to do a particular activity within the stipulated time. For example, brush in 2 minutes. Reward them if they manage.

Rewards for Leak Spotting

A leaking pipe often leads to a lot of water wastage. So on this Water Day, gather all the kids from your apartment block, and tell them to go spot leaky pipes etc. within the society within a stipulated time. Give them a pen and paper each to jot down where they are seeing one. The person who finds the most gets a reward.

Make a Rain Barrel

If you have a terrace garden then this method of water saving would work well. First explain to your kids how collecting rain water is important and how the rain water gushes out from the main spout on the roof to down below and then collects into the drains. Then get them to place a barrel under the roof’s spout’s end so that all the water from the roof’s garden, like rain water, will collect there, which can then be reused.

Else if there’s no terrace garden, but you have a gutter spout from where all the water comes out, then help your child build a garden beneath it. Buy a large pot and plant a few saplings in it. Then place it under that spout and watch the plants grow.