Mall culture has taken India’s citizens by storm. Every youngster looks forward to a Sunday at the mall. Every family plans a weekly trip to the mall, as a form of entertainment. The most common reason as to why malls are now the number one place to meet at, eat at, and shop at, is because you can do everything under one roof. From watching a movie, to shopping for groceries, malls usually offer their customers everything and anything.

However, when it comes to shopping for clothes, it is often observed how malls offer a great range of designer clothes, but charge upmarket prices too. In a world where money matters affect the mind and heart, expensive clothes do not necessarily help in our looks in any way.

We may love to admire the varied clothes on display, and the international labels and western culture they portray, but most of us know that if we spend that large an amount on something to wear, we might be too scared to wear it all. We are almost scared of spoiling it from use.

Several people believe that shopping at boutiques is better than shopping at mall when it comes to clothes.

Here are top three reasons why boutiques offer you a better deal:

Price and Quality:

Stand alone boutiques are usually run by young entrepreneurs with the love of design. They start their own stores with the aim to increase their name and clientele. This inspires them to charge lower prices.

The good part is that they focus on quality clothing, so customers do not pay higher prices for their clothes. And since stand alone boutiques pay lower rents for their shop space, they do not have to focus on earning the rent amount back.

One reason why mall shops charge higher prices is because they pay higher rents to hold a shop space in a mall. When quality comes at a decent price, what would you go for?

Exclusive Wear:

It’s normal for senior officials of popular malls to invite well known brands and labels to host shops there. This helps the mall gain popularity as also to earn better rents. The more famous a brand, the higher the rent value after all.