Online shopping has become a craze of sorts, for obvious reasons. Not only is it a convenient and albeit relaxing way to shop, it is also economical in many ways. Think of the several rupees you get to save on fuel every time you shop online.

Furthermore, today’s generation of working class executives and desk stationed employees spend endless amounts of time on their computer. Young professionals, housewives, teenagers are all internet bound, every moment they get. Whether it’s for work, social networking or plain browsing, people prefer their computer stations to anywhere else, in most cases nowadays. All these features together paved the way for internet shopping to take off around the world.  

However, as the number of online ‘e-retail’ websites rise, how do you as a customer make the most out of it? It’s normal for the majority of us to look for bargain stores and discounts when we shop. What does it take to transform your actual retail preference into an e-retail one too?

Well, for starters, here are our seven tips:

  • Compare E-Shopping Sites

Just like you visit a number of retail stores before you shop for clothes and accessories so that you can find the most distinct yet best priced outfit or accessory, you need to compare websites too. Most sites work the same way a physical retail store works. The only difference is that the processes are digitalized in e-stores.

This therefore means that a dress you find on one site might just be available on another, if not the exact one then at least something similar. When it comes to online shopping, never adopt a ‘favourite’ site for too long. In order to maximize your e-retail journey, you have to keep exploring sites.

  • Wait For Discounts

Just like all retail store offers yearly or half yearly discounts, e-retail stores do the same. The difference here is that not every product will be on the discount list. Yet, you can still save a couple of bucks by shopping from the discount list once in a while. The best part is, popular sites may always have a ‘discount’ list to get rid of old stock.

  • Look For Trusted Sites

Well known e-retail sites like, and, are known for their great customer care service, safety and security. When you shop online, you have to choose a place that is safe to shop from. Most Indian websites offer the ‘cash on delivery’ payment option to safeguard a customer’s interest. It doesn’t mean you can shop from any site that offers this option. A trusted site will keep your customer details safe, will not reveal or misuse your personal information. and will ensure that they deliver you good quality products.