You need good sewing skills or should know someone who sews well for this. Gather the person’s favourite old t shirts, pants, sweatshirts, scarves, any old but special material. You can even get a few special pictures printed on fabrics. Once you have all the pieces of fabrics, sew them all together to make a nice warm quilt. Having your most memorable memories with you while you sleep is a rare gift, isn’t it?

Treasure Hunt:

If you don’t want to make, draw or sew, nothing works better than a treasure hunt. Buy around six to seven gifts or more. Four or five of them should be small things like favourite pens, chocolates, etc and one or two can be the main gifts. Hide them all around the house making sure that the first gift has the clue to the second, the second has clue for the third and so on. Get the person in the house and hand him the clue to the first gift and watch his excitement as he tries to unravel the clues and get to the main prize!

Story Book:

If you have a writer in you, you can create stories related to the person. The stories can be based on anything – you can write his love story or an imaginative tale on him being a superhero or make a completely weird fantasy tale with him as a central character! Who doesn’t like reading about oneself?