These are the days of looking beautiful and thin. Most women agree that they are overweight and would like to be thinner. Being thin is the trend word and there are so many models who “inspire” women to follow their suit. Image obsessed society is making beauty a much admired asset that most women get quite critical about their tummy, thighs and legs. This is also affecting young children who are taking to serious dieting from an young age of 10.


Parents, media and the society have a significant hand in influencing children to prefer being thin over healthy. The rush to get thin is quite unhelpful since the focus is away from the health but onto looks and unhealthy weight. This gives way to a prolonged notion that fat is bad and being thinner is better and thin is very good.

Similar to being overweight, being skinny poses several health risks such as a severe compromise on the immune system, menstrual irregularities, anemia, osteoporosis, hair loss, and low muscle mass. 

The best way to stay healthy is to get thirty minutes of physical activity each day, with a healthy diet and refrain from overeating. If you feel that you are thin by not getting sufficient calories for the amount of physical activities that you do, due to restriction in the intake of food, it is time for you to re-evaluate your habits and incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Over a period, you will be glad that you made the right choice.

Which do you think is better – being skinny and looking fabulous or maintaining a healthy weight? We would love to hear your viewpoint here.