With the new age of advanced technology, higher standard of living and all round development, also comes number of diseases, infections that are growing day after day. The role of health care and its fraternity play the role of demigods in all our lives. One of the most sought after as well as the dreaded profession is that of a Doctor. This profession has sometimes unrealistic expectations to heal a person from the most horrific disease/ailment.

There are three kinds of doctors – one who smiles and gives a comfortable feeling that nothing is really wrong with a patient. Or the one who states the facts in a straight manner. Or, the one who makes us take a dozen of tests before diagnosing a simple ailment. Nevertheless, we end up TRUSTING all the 3 types of doctors, don’t we?

So, what goes on in the life of a doctor? Becoming a doctor by itself is not a cake walk as he has to complete 4 years of college, with another 4 years of medical school plus 3-4 years of being a resident doctor. Despite being the most glamorous and highly paid job, a doc’s job comes with its own cons. A doctor inevitably has to keep his family and social commitments as the last priority for the day as he steps out of the house.

The life of a doctor is far from being consistent. Again, this depends on where the doctor practices. Few doctors run clinics, while majority of them work in the hospitals. As per the Department of Health statistics in 2009, many physicians and surgeons work long, irregular hours. Over one-third of full-time physicians and surgeons worked 60 to 80 hours a week. This does not include emergencies. Physicians and surgeons must travel frequently between office and hospital to care for their patients. While on call, a physician will deal with many patients’ concerns over the phone and make emergency visits to hospitals and nursing homes.

Among the must-have skills for a doctor is the skill of listening and decision making. The latter skill calls for lot of precision. During the day, a doctor takes myriads of decisions. Due to lack of availability of time and non-stop ringing of their cell phones, they are under constant pressure to make quick vital decisions, few of which may turn out to be inappropriate and can even snuff a life out. Almost all the professions do have scope for mistakes, but a single mistake in a doctor’s profession may mar his entire career.

It takes a doctor to keep his chin up to maintain positive vibes in and around him. His health also needs to be at its optimal best since he is at a higher risk of contracting the illness from his patients. In a single day a general physician gets to deal with a potpourri of illnesses, ranging from cold, flu, jaundice, Typhoid and the list goes on… Your doc also has to deal with so much negativity.

Access to information and knowledge has made patients these days, more demanding, asking for an explanation and sometimes too critical of the doctor’s decision. Sad but true, we are strangely less grateful to them.  We pay a visit to the doctor as we need their guidance and assistance but thanks to our half-baked knowledge about his diagnosis and treatment, we become extremely circumspect of his line of treatment.