The summer heat can be a pain to deal with, but thankfully monsoons are here. The rains bring some respite from the rising temperatures, but monsoons bring with them their own set of skin problems.

Oily skin, breakouts and runny makeup can ruin the best of moods.

Here are some skin care tips that you might find helpful for keeping monsoon skin troubles at bay:

Banish Oily Skin

The rainy season can make your skin oily and sticky. There is an excess of moisture in the air that carries dust and pollution, which in turn enter your pores, making it feel sticky and dark. This is why it is important to use a good scrub at least twice a week, to clear out the muck from your skin’s pores. Use a mild, herbal face wash and wash your face at least twice a day.

A toner is must as well, so you can opt for rose water or sea-buckthorn toner to keep your skin cool.

As for moisturizing, make sure you use an oil-free moisturizer that absorbs well into the skin without forming a sticky layer.

Fight Breakouts

Since rainy season makes your skin oily, breakouts are bound to accompany it sooner or later. To keep your skin blemish free, adopt a weekly cleansing routine, using a combination of good face wash, scrub and face pack.

 Also, blackheads tend to form in abundance in monsoons, so it is best to get them removed at least bi-weekly.

Contrary to misconceptions, facials should not be ignored in monsoons. Just switch to a gel facial rather than a crème facial, such as aloe vera or citrus. Also, never squeeze out a pimple, it will make the problem worse while leaving a scar on the skin.

Beware of Fungal Infections

The humid weather in monsoons is the perfect environment for fungi to breed. Since our skin tends to be mostly wet and sticky in this season, airborne fungi can enter through the pores and cause itchy rashes, flaky skin, redness and patches. This is especially true in joints and areas where sweat tends to collect, such as underarms, under the breasts, and our pelvic area.