Editor’s Note: One can lose weight by making easy alterations in their dietary habits. Sridharvijji  shares her personal experience on how to lose weight by following a good diet in daily life. She also has a small tip, which has been beneficial in her case, for allergy and asthma patients. Try them and share your feedback here.

You can of course consult a dietitian before following these tips.

If you want to lose weight:

1. Drink 1.5 liters of water early as soon as you brush your teeth. Walk for 5 min and you will be running to the bathroom for your morning call. Now, once the waste in your body is removed you will feel very relieved.

2. Go for at least 15 minutes walk on an empty stomach. If not possible then do pranayama for 15 minutes at home itself, it will keep you active the whole day.

3. Eat oats or sprouts for breakfast along with dates. For lunch eat only chappati with lots of curry made with less oil, salt and spices.

4. Drink water only after 2 hrs of taking food or else all your digestive juices will become diluted. 

5. As soon as you wake up in the morning fill 5 bottles, each of one litre. Make sure you complete this water by that day.

6. During evening also you can go for a walk for 30 minutes to 60 minutes if possible.

7. Complete your lunch by 7 pm. Eat only fruits or chappati with curry. Don’t drink water too late into the night; you will have trouble waking in the middle of the night for toilet.

8. Never eat cooked foods and uncooked foods together, your body will have to struggle to digest it.

9. Use less oil while cooking. If you feel that is not possible, start using non stick pan it will not take more oil. Or use heavy vindaliu kadai. Cut vegetables into small pieces while cooking.

I am following all these rules and getting the benefit and wanted all of you to also benefit through these.

People who have allergies, cold, cough, asthma, please drink only warm water. You will find the difference overnight. I am asthmatic and am very happy after drinking warm water. I am not using inhaler anymore.

So, are you planning to make these dietary changes? If you have any questions or feedback, do share them here.