We all have heard this so many times, educate a woman and you educate the whole family. A woman always has the capability to change the outlook of the family.

One step that you take towards healthy lifestyle, your family and your kids take a big leap forward!

In a health magazine, once I read about an overweight woman who lost lot of weight. She said that when she was fat, she always used to ask her kids to buy packet of chips. Chips were a constant feature in her life and her kids’ life. When she shifted to healthy eating so did her kids.I have seen it myself.

There was once a time when my husband stood at 96 kgs and I at 86 kgs. I had a pantry full of fried snacks and instant pasta and noodles. We would chomp off a large pizza together accompanied by large servings of garlic bread and cold drink.

Movie at home will be watched only with 2 large bags of butter pop corns (I had all the flavored packets, 1 box had 6 packets and I at a time used to have 6 boxes at least).

My freezer always had a bag of French fries (what if guests come, there should be something to serve them but month after month it was us who finished those big bags), outside frozen quick meals and outside frozen parathas (made of white flour), pizza dough.

Pizza dough was a constant feature in my freezer. We always used to stock up enough of the dough and mozzarella. So, whenever we wanted to have something different (which was most of the days in the week), all we had to do was pile sauce on pizza dough, some cut veggies and lots of cheese and in it will go in the oven. Me and my husband used to have 2 medium size homemade pizza each.

So, what happened when I changed my outlook towards food? My freezer now has paneer, corns, spinach, peas and beans, homemade rajma and daal makhni. You will not find any pop corn bags in my house nor will you find loads of fried snacks nor any frozen quick meals and pizza dough.

Both I and my husband have started moving towards more whole grain diet which includes lots of veggies. When our relatives look at us they try to make changes themselves, that’s the beauty of healthy life, people always appreciate it and they tend to adopt it.