Sleep Guidelines in Third Trimester

This is final phase of your pregnancy and this is also when your bump will be well on display!

As the baby gains weight during this time, you may experience leg cramps, as they have to work harder to support your growing body. It is important to keep your legs up, wear comfortable slippers while walking and try and lie down, whenever possible.

Sleeping on your left side is usually recommended as it helps the baby get into position for a normal delivery.

Never sleep on your back as it is sure to give you a bad backache. Ask your husband to massage your lower back and legs at night to help you relax.

Sleeping in the last trimester can be tricky as you will be making frequent trips to the washroom during the night. Try and cover up for lost sleep during the day, by taking power naps every now and then.

Besides your growing belly won’t make things easier so prop yourself with pillows while sleeping.

Give your body as much rest as possible during this time. After all, you will have to give it up soon, when the little one arrives!