Do you feel angry, depressed or sad when you are laughing? The ancient therapy of laughing helps to recharge and relax, making you looks at things in a better perspective. No wonder, small children are relaxed, because they have several things to laugh about. Laughter in any form, giggling, smiling and guffawing helps to reduce a lot of built stress in the body. 

What happens when you laugh? Laughing shuts off the release of stress hormones and produces disease-fighting antibodies, which are beneficial in boosting the body’s immune system and killing cells that cause tumors and viruses. Laughter also decreases blood pressure and gives a good workout for the respiratory cells. 

Additionally, laughing also connects you with other people, creates a bond and improves the quality of your interaction with them. You can find so many ways to laugh and spread laughter around you. Funny movies, laughing with family friends, finding humor in you, recalling funny incidents are some ways to reduce stress.

So go ahead, use this free and convenient stress management therapy to its fullest, and push away the stress in your life.

Do you have any other ways to laugh and beat the stress? Share them with us here