When we are on the weight loss mission, it feels good to be motivated and inspired to be on track with the goals. When we feel demotivated, real life inspirations can push us to do better. We bring you real life weight loss stories of IL members to keep you motivated with the weight loss goals.

Aishu22 lost more than 10 kgs with a healthy diet and exercise plan. Here is her weight loss success story.

I weighed 67 kgs which was 10+kgs more than my ideal weight with an alarming hip/waist ratio and BMI. I used to get tired very soon and would always be in an irritable mood. Ate all wrong foods at wrong time and most of all, thanks to my night shift job which took a complete toll on my life and health. I took up a day shift project first thing! I decided that I need to loose weight for

  • Health concerns – Panting for breath when i climbed stairs, walked. Fluctuating BP, low hemoglobin levels
  • Low confidence level.
  • Inferiority complex – Quite young, but looking at my figure i developed a sense of insecurity when I saw a girl of my age and who was better looking than me.

I took a proper consultation from a Dietician who came to our office on every Tuesdays. The very first thing that she told me after checking was so alarming. She told, my upper and lower part of the body was so disproportionate and I would have extreme difficulties if I planned a family. It disappointed me no end. My will power to loose weight increased manifold.

With my dietician’s prescription of exercises and diet, here is how I achieved my weight loss goals.