You may exclaim saying, running and that too in this freezing cold! You got to be crazy. Nope, I am not. Winter is one of the best seasons for you to run. The weather is cool. The tracks are empty and you can really dress up if you wish too.

Dressing up during the summer may not be too comfortable. So show off your wardrobe now.

If you are a first time runner, then you may get discouraged at the beginning due to the lung-burn feeling you get. But trust me, once you complete a couple of days, you will be absolutely fine. So do not let the cold discourage you in any way.

If you still feel that it is impossible for you to motivate yourself to venture out into the chilly breezy outdoors, then the following few tips may help you to some extent.

Run With A Partner

Yes, it is extremely boring to run alone. In fact, doing any kind of exercise alone, on a regular basis, needs tremendous amount of will power. So why don’t you tie up with a partner having similar interests? It may be a buddy, a colleague or even your spouse.

If you chat and run, you will be distracted and not get bored at all. You can even race with each other to pep up your daily schedule.

Warm Up

During the winters, it is important that you take more time to warm up. It might take around 10 to 15 minutes to warm up and hit your running tempo completely. Thus, plan your time accordingly.

Taking a hot shower to pre warm your muscles do help a lot. Make sure you keep your feel lower to the ground and shorten your stride. This will reduce the risk of slipping.

Hydrate Yourself

Just because it is winter, does not mean you do not need hydration. You may not feel as thirsty as you feel running in the heat. But that is no reason for you to ignore your fluids intake. Your body still needs a lot of fluid. Make sure you carry enough in your water bottle.

Choose Proper Shoes

Choosing proper shoes is a must. In fact that is the most important thing you need to concentrate on irrespective of the weather. If you are into regular running or jogging, you must have at least two pairs of shoes handy. Do not compromise on the quality. Remember, your feet are more precious than saving a few rupees.

Choose Proper Gear

Having the right kind of clothes can make a major difference. Avoid over dressing though.

Your body temperature increases as you start running. You must feel cold when you step out of your home. If you are toasty and warm, you need to remove a layer.

Your apparel should block moisture and wind. You should invest in a good running jacket, head band and a pair of gloves. You must keep your hand and head warm.

Also do not forget to protect your face. Use proper glares to save your eyes from the chilly wind. Moisturize your skin well with a heavy oil based cream. If it has a sunscreen, better.

Important to Note

You may want to change your routes every alternate week just to keep up your interest level. Running the same track every day can get boring.

Avoid running during low lights. It may cause accidents, especially, if the traffic is more in the area.

Any time during the sprint, if you feel unwell and feel you are having a frost bite, trust your instincts and stop right there. Do not over exert yourself.

Make sure you have your cell phone with you in case of any emergency that may arise.