How Healthy Are You?

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Everybody will agree that in today’s fast-paced lifestyle we ignore the most important aspect of life – health. We do not notice until it is too late. Here are six one-minute health checks that will warn you of any symptoms that you may have developed. These can go a long way in keeping you fit and away from unwanted sickness. It is always better to catch a symptom in its early stage for better treatment and diagnosis.



Check for bleeding gums when you are brushing the teeth. Bleeding gums can indicate several things. It can mean infected gums that can be related to heart disease or minor bacterial infection, which could lead to inflammation of gums.


Beauty female eye with curl long false eyelashes - macro shot over white background

Beauty female eye with curl long false eyelashes – macro shot over white background

Know the normal color of your eyes and check for any changes in the color. It could range from being red or yellow. Normal healthy eyes are white in color. Red eyes could be a symptom of sleeplessness, a foreign object in the eye, allergy, cold, flu, conjunctivitis or other infections. Sudden onset of yellow eyes may have a possibility of jaundice. Healthy eyeballs are indication of good health keeping several infections at bay.



Check if you have a cracked and dry skin. It can cause itchiness but can also foretell you about nutritional deficiencies and other health ailments. Look out for change in the color of your skin, skin rash, skin bumps ,scaly patches or flare-ups. These symptoms can indicate dermatitis, skin allergy, viral infection, psoriasis, inflammation or even cancer. If you feel any of the symptoms are unusual, consult a dermatologist to put your worries to rest.



Check the color of the urine during the day. Normal urine is generally clear or pale yellow. Dark yellow means that your body is dehydrated or can also mean a urinary tract infection. Blood in the urine can mean kidney stones or infection with the bladder.


Concept photo for hair loss or cancer

Concept photo for hair loss or cancer

Check if you are dropping more hair in the bathroom or hairbrush. If you feel that you are losing large amounts of hair, it could mean hormonal disorders or deficiencies. An average of losing 100 hair per day is considered normal.



Healthy fingernails should be strong, pink, clear and clean. Check for linear streaks, white spots or nail discoloration. Unhealthy looking nails may mean deficiency in minerals, vitamins, anemia, hormonal disorders, psoriasis, fungal infection, kidney disease or cancer.