Did you know that back pain can result from poor posture and weak muscles? Are you aware that inactivity can bring about backache?

 If you wish to know more about the role of muscles in back pain, what brings about back pain and how to overcome back pain problems, then read along.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

The real cause of back pain is weak muscles coupled with poor body posture. Things like degeneration of spine, slipped disc, sudden lifting, spondylolisthesis, arthritis, can do bring about back pain. But they are less common and constitute about ten percent of back pain problems.

 The underlying cause for major back problems is a sedentary life style and poor body posture.

A sedentary life style can contribute to weak muscles. Muscles when inactive and not used turn soft. These weak muscles when subjected to stress of modern life will trigger a muscle spasm.

Sudden jerks, obesity, tension, fear, injury etc can trigger a muscle spasm resulting in back pain.

Poor posture at work can also bring about back pain. When you don’t stand correctly or slop your shoulders and walk, you put more pressure on one side of your body. The spine may be tilted to one side often or there may be steep hollow in the back.

These can put a lot of pressure on back and can bring about spasm.

The overall verdict is, if the pelvis is balanced, and you have strong muscles, the majority of back ache problems do not arise.

How To Reduce Back Pain

Here are some ways to help your back. If you follow these ground rules you are sure to reduce back pain to a large extent.