Summer is at its peak, and it can be hard on people with excessive sweating, dehydration, sunburns, etc. The key is to find ways to balance the mind and the body in summer to enjoy the goodness of summer. Though there are some essentials that we do take care during summer, here are few tips that will help you manage the sweltering summer!

Rejuvenating Baths

Start your day with refreshing cool baths to cool the body temperature. Keep the water temperature cool or lukewarm. Adding natural oils such as rosewater, mint, or rose petals are great in cooling the body and mind. It protects the skin from sunburns and effectively regulates body temperature. Take coconut oil or gingelly oil bath at least twice a week to reduce body heat. Massaging the body well enhances blood circulation and cools the body. Get ready for the day with cooling and invigorating baths.

Appeasing Diet

Digestive system gets sluggish during the summer. Few foods obstruct the release of heat from the body. Example: Deep fried foods, spices, meat, processed foods, hot beverages and dried fruits. Leafy vegetables, fruits, diluted milk, buttermilk, and other food items, especially those that have high water content are best for scorching summer.

Comfortable Clothing

Wear light and loose clothes, which help in easy evaporation of sweat from the body. It also results in better air circulation. Outfits made of cotton are the best choice for summer.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes, apparel made of synthetic material, jeans or jackets during summer. Yes, add more whites and blues or any light pastel colors that are cool for summer. It is quite natural to perspire, which can result in body odor. Use talcum powder, which cools the body and keeps you refreshed all day long.

Restoring Beverages

Keep reloading the body water by regularly sipping sufficient water. The natural drink is highly beneficial to replace the lost water content in the body. Plain water, juice, fruit salad, smoothies are some simple ways to re-energize in summer.

Strengthening Exercises

Do physical exercises, yoga, meditation early in the morning to feel fresh all through the day. Pranayama, Suryanamaskar, Trikonasana combined with meditation is effective in calming the body and mind. Brisk morning walks or evening strolls are also helpful to keep the mind and the body cool, peaceful and alert.