my kid is studying kg1 in rajagiri intnl school.

in dubai i came to know that the kid should complete 3 years in april 15 th,but my kid d.o.b is 8.5.2006.since she is 20 days in underage.but we spoke to schools and they took admission in the school.

whereas in the other school the age limit is 31/2 or 4.now her age is 3 years and 5 months.after completing her kg 1 her age will be 3 years 11 months.but if change some GEM management schools,they will take her again for kg1 ?

i dont know whether ministry approval problem comes or not?

she gets age problem in future...?(like under age)

intially she was not able to pick up ,but now she is good in all...

please relpy me