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    Wink Bajanai seivommm krishna namam! - Part I

    Recently, I'd done sundara kanda parayanam, complies with celebration of the "Last episode of ramar patabhisheykam" and "srimath narayaneeyam" parayanam.

    And also, I've invited "satsung mandali" ppl to do bajans on "lord rama & krishna". Really felt happy, the day has turned delightfull, holy, vibrate,and with fullfilment, as I've extended with prasadham, in serve of food, and with thambulam.

    They have sung some songs on Lord rama and followed with krishna bajans!

    I've took a copy of krishna bajans, as in future i would like to take part in "satsung mandali".

    Here are the Bajan Lyrics on Lord krishna,(Will bring out part 2 and 3 based on the reply from IL members wish)...

    Aadi Narayana Sai Narayana
    Jaya Hari Narayana Jaya Jaya
    Pandari Vaasaa Hari Narayana
    Parthi Nivaasa Sai Narayana
    Varada Narayana Veda Narayana
    Jai Hari Narayana Jaya Jaya

    (Victory to Lord Hari Narayana and Lord Sai Narayana. You are the resident of Pandari - Lord Narayana and Lord of Parthi - Lord Sai Narayana. Victory to boon conferring Lord Narayana, who is the giver of Vedas.)

    Aana Sai Bhagawaan Hamare Kirtan Mey
    Aap Bhi Aana Sang Radha Ko Bhi Laana
    Aakar Raas Rachana Hamare Kirtan Me
    Aap Bhi Aana Sang Gvalon Ko Bhi Lana
    Aakar Maakhan Khana Hamare Kirtan Me
    Aap Bhi Aana Sang Arjun Ko Bhi Lana
    Aakar Gyan Sikhana Hamare Kirtan Me
    Aap Bhi Aana Sang Meera Ko Bhi Lana
    Aakar Bhakthi Sikhana Hamare Kirtan Me

    (Please come Lord Sai, in our prayers; And bring Radha along with You when You come; Please make our prayers exhilatarting; And bring the village boys (gvalon) with You when You come; Please eat butter from our prayers; And bring Arjun with You when You come; Please teach us to get wisdom from our prayers; And bring Meera with You when You come; Please teach us devotion through our prayers)

    Aananda Saagara Muralidhara
    Meera Prabhu Radhey Shyaam Venu Gopaala
    Nanda Yashoda Ananda Kishora
    Jai Jai Gokula Baala Jai Venu Gopaala

    (Victory to Krishna, beloved Prince of Yashoda. Thou art the ocean of bliss and player of captivating music on flute and Lord of Mira (devotee), Radha and the entire Universe.)

    Aavo Aavo Antharyaami
    Aadi Narayana Sai Narayana
    Hrudaya Vihaari Hey Giridhari
    Hari Hari Shree Hari Sai Muraari

    (Welcome O! Indweller of our hearts, Lord Sai Narayana! Sai Krishna! Our heart is Thy playground and Thou art the destroyer of our sins and ignorance.)

    Aavo Aavo Aavo Aavo
    Aavo Sundara Nanda Gopaala
    Navaneetha Chora Maanasa Vihaara
    Darshan Do Nanda Laala
    Mujhey Darshan Do Nanda Laala (2)

    (Welcome! Welcome! O Charming Lord Nanda Lala! Residing in the hearts of devotees Thou captivates their hearts. We pray to Thee again and again to grant us Your Vision (Darshan))

    Aavo Aavo Madhava
    Madhava Keshava
    Aavo Aavo Madhava
    Radha Lola Rukumaayi Vitthala
    Ranga Pandhu Ranga Vitthala
    Aavo Aavo Madhava
    Aadi Narayana Anantha Sai
    Aavo Aavo Atma Nivasi

    (Welcome, welcome, Madhava (lord of Lakshmi). Welcome effulgent and radiant One. O joy of Radha and Rakumayi, Welcome, Lord Panduranga, welcome. Thou art the original Being, the eternal Sai Welcome, welcome, my soul's Resider )

    Aavo Aavo Mana Mandir Mey
    Darshan Do Nandalaal Sai
    Raadha Madhava Gokula Baala
    Madhava Keshava Gopaala

    (Welcome, welcome into our heart. Manifest before us Oh Krishna, Madhava, Keshava Oh Sai)

    Aavo Aavo Sai Ghanashyaama
    Parthi Nandan Radhey Shyaama
    Aavo Aavo Sai Ghanashyaama
    Brindavana Ghanashyaama Govinda
    Bhaktha Manohara Mukharavinda
    Hey Giridhari Sai Murari

    (Welcome O Lord Sai Ghanashyaama of Parthi! O Lord Govinda! Moving about in 'Vrindavan' garden. Thou art enchanting and pleasing to look at. Chant the name of Lord Giridhari and Lord Sai Murari.)

    Aavo Gopaal Nanda Laal
    Aavo Nanda Mukunda Gopaal ..(Aavo Gopaal..)
    Krishna Gopaal Sai Gopaal
    Aavo Aavo Nanda Dulaar ..(Aavo Gopaal..)
    Shree Madhusoodana Madana Gopaala
    Aavo Giridhara Sundara Laal

    (Shree Krishna, son of Nanda, slayer of demon Madhu, the beautiful One who lifted the mountain, please come and let me have a glimpse of Thy Divine Self.)

    Aavo Gopaala Giridhaari
    Aavo Aavo Antharyaami
    Aavo Aavo Aananda Sai
    Aavo Gopaala Giridhaari
    Aavo Aavo Atma Nivasi
    Aavo Aavo Shanti Nivasi

    (Welcome, Lord Sai Giridhari Gopaala! the indweller of our hearts. Welcome, O Blissful Lord of Prashanti! Lord Gopaala.)

    Alakha Niranjana Bhava Bhaya Bhanjana Naaraayan Naaraayan
    Naaraayan Naaraayan Naaraayan Sai (Sathya) Naaraayan

    (Imperceptible, faultless Lord; Destroyer of fears of worldly existence, Sai who destroys fear of cycle of birth and death. Chant 'Narayana, Narayana'.)

    Anupama Sundara Nanda Kishora
    Brindaavana Ghanashyaama
    Murali Madhava Radhey Govinda
    Madhusoodana Ghanshyaama Sathya Sai Sundar Shyaama
    Kunja Vihari Mandhara Giridhaari
    Kamala Nayana Bhagawaan
    Bhakthon Key Prabhu Partheeshwara Sai
    Natwara Sundara Shyaam Sathya Sai Sundar Shyaam

    (O Lord Krishna! Thou art unsurpassingly beautiful! O Lotus-eyed Sathya Sai! Thou move about in Brindavan garden and Thou art beloved Lord of devotees who lifted aloft the Mandhara mountain. Chant the many names of God.)

    Badaa Chiththa Chora Brindaavana Sanchaara
    Gopaala Gopaala Hey Murali Gopaala
    Govardhanoddhaara Gopaala Balaa
    Gopee Manohara Radhey Gopaala

    (Greatest stealer of hearts who roams through Brindavan; Krishna, the cowherd boy and flute player; Child who lifted the Govardhana hill; Cowherd boy who captivated the minds of his devotees.)

    Bansi Mohana Ghanashyaama
    Bansi Dharvar Hey Ghanashyaama
    Ghana Ghana Neela Nirupama Neela
    Madhura Madhura Hey Sai Gopaala

    (Chant the sacred names of the Divine flute-player, Lord Ghana Shyaam and Lord Sai Gopaala.)

    Bhaja Gopaala Bhaja Gopaala Pyarey Muraari Merey Nandalaala
    Nandalaala Nandalaala Nandalaala Yadu Nandalaala (2X)
    Bala Gopaala Baala Gopaala Murali Manohara Nandalaala
    Nandalaala Nandalaala Nandalaala Yadu Nandalaala
    Koyi Rama Boley Koyi Shyaama Boley
    Koyi Boley Radheshyam
    Koyi Boley Seetha Ram

    (Worship Gopaal, sing His Praises; The divine Flute-player, my beloved; The eternal Youth, Son of Nanda; He is the Exchanger of our minds He is Ram and Krishna; He is Radha's Love)


    Hare krishna Hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare!
    Hare Rama Hare Rama rama rama hare hare!

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    Default Re: Bajanai seivommm krishna namam! - Part I

    Dear .

    It is a very godd thing you have kaliyugam the only easiest way to reach moksha is by namam only. Bhajan is having its unique attraction and speciality that we can also sing along with the bhagavathars (you can not do this in kutcheri). We can learn various raghas, talas various specialities of different bhagavathars in various languages.

    Try to attend the bhajans by the following eminent bhagavathars whenever you find time.
    Udayalur kalyanarama bhagavathar
    thanjavur thiagaraja bhagavathat
    thiruvisanallore ramakrishna bhagavathar
    kovai jayarama bhagavathar
    os sundar, os arun,
    thukaram ganapathy maharaj abhangs

    the you tell me your experience

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    Smile Re: Bajanai seivommm krishna namam! - Part I

    Dear Sankari,

    Really overwhelmed with your reply for my posting!....

    I've a collection of 500 abhangs and used to sing whenever i wish to...

    And now-a-days, i am singing it for my son...

    Coming to your list ...Among these, I'd a chance to take part & listen to OS.ARUN JI's and thukaram ganapathy maharaj abhangs - really a goosebump experience fulled with the delightment of tears!!

    Will try to attend the rest in future and do lemme know, about their programs if its scheduled in chennai!...


    Hare krishna Hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare!
    Hare Rama Hare Rama rama rama hare hare!

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    Default Re: Bajanai seivommm krishna namam! - Part I


    Do you have the lyrics for all your collection of abhangs?

    Please contact me through private messages. You can sign up for
    private messages here -

    thanks a million in advance

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