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    Smile Love always does not continue to exist in people who get a chance to live their entir

    This story is really nice…. Do find time to read this………. J hope everyone like it………………. It might look like Mani Rathnam's Film… J But No words of appreciation for this …..
    Chennai love and Trichy love...

    "Coming for a tea?"
    As soon as he asked from her adjacent cubicle, she gave an instantaneous reply "yeah sure"
    Their relationship is 3 yrs old, from since they were in the same batch during their training. He has completed
    BE mechanical from a college in Coimbatore and she holds an MCA degree from a women's college in Madurai.

    So only here they had their first chance to make friendship with people from opposite gender. As few from their batch
    have switched to other companies and few others are busy working from onsite, they were the only ones
    from their training batch who were working in Chennai branch. This also made them know each other better and
    thickened their friendship. They started spending time together in the cafeteria, ate together, chit chatted.
    He started to accompany her to her hostel whenever they had to work beyond the schedule. This almost
    Happened everyday and the relationship grew thicker that she wanted only him to select her Diwali dress.
    But they still used words that interpreted unfamiliarity. Though she knew that she had crossed the boundary
    Of friendship and fallen in love with him, she never revealed it to him. She wanted him to start things, until her dad
    Had called her last night and spoke about her marriage.

    She realized that she cant wait any further and decided to express her love to him.

    "if u dont mistake me, shall I know whether u are in love with me?" she asked.
    " hmmm... Yes, I am in love wit u" he replied instantaneusly.
    "then, why did u never tel me"
    "alright, do u love me?" was his question.
    "hmmm" she blushed.
    "the why did not u tell me?"

    This was an easy start for a long conversation.


    College in the ouirts of trichy. Induction function for the first year students started without much flair.

    Seniors were also presnt for the function. She, a second year student stood alone without much interest.
    The patrons from the college bored the gathering with their usual speeches. She felt that someone was staring at
    her from a distance. There was no one near her, other than her classmates. As her instinct said that someone was
    staring at her, she turned to her right and found a head from the freshers group turning away from her. She kept looking
    at his back. In few minutes he turned his face towards her and she was shocked to see him.


    Even though she was happy that she had expressed her love to him, just like any other Indian girl she was worried
    How to tell about her love to her parents. He took her to marina to make her relax.
    She started," I am afraid how I am going to tell this to my parents. They are also asking me to get married as soon as possible. My dad
    said he will soon find the right groom for me."
    "they have jus started to look for alliance na, so get a right match it will take atleast a year. We hav time to open this to parents."
    "hmmm? My horoscope says that I should get married before this march. So they r planning to get me married within two months time.
    I am planning to tell my parents when I go home this weekend. But I am worried how my dad will respond when I tell that you belong
    to a different caste. I cant imagine my mother crying. I am thinking whether to take you also with me."

    "look dear, I am not hesitant to come and talk to your father. But I feel its good to get permission from my parents first.
    I am jus 25 now. So I can start talking about my marriage only after an year. So somehow try to deffer their plans by an year. Rest will be fine"

    Her mobile rang. It was her dad.
    "yeah, tell me dad"
    "how r u dear, dear?"
    "am fine dad, hows mom?"
    "hmmm she is fine. Come home this weekend. A alliance has come for you. Thet are visiting us to see you this sunday."


    In this three months since the induction, she avoided him whenever he tried to talk to her. Since her father drops and picks her up
    From college everyday, he could find no other place other that his college to meet her. He was not able to do that too

    As all his time was wasted in in classes and assignments. She never comes to the canteen, even for lunch. After tolerating this for a long time
    One day he entered her classroom during lunch hours. She had just finished her lunch.
    "why r u behaving like a fool? I joined this college only to be with you. Cant you spend jus 10 mins with me?"

    She kept wiping the tears as it flowed down her cheeks. Not able tolerate seeing her cry, he said "we will meet in the
    Canteen in the evening. Please come there for just 10 mins, please."

    He waited in the canteen for a long time. She never came. One of her friends came and gave him a letter written by her and went without uttering
    Even a word.


    Friday, he went to egmore to send her off to Madurai. She was quite upset.
    "why are you so sad? They are just coming to see you. Tell them you don like the guy. We need to wait for atleast 6 more months.
    I will sure talk to my parents before that"

    "am i the one who is not ready to wait?"
    She showed her grief in all anger.

    "ok, just go and come. I will talk with my parents the next time i am going home."
    The train started.

    As he was walking out of the station his mobile rang. It was his elder sister.
    After all usual talks, she said "there a girl by name Ganga who has joined your company. Try to get in touch with her."
    "you were searching a girl for you, right? Go and see her"

    "see, she is daughter of our uncle's friend. Her father has enquired about u and he is showing interest in getting his daughter
    married to u. But appa said he is planning for ur marriage only after 2 yrs. They hav also agreed to it. It seems ur horoscopes
    match for each other. So jus givin u an information about her."

    He felt like fainting. He immediately decided to go to Coimbatore.


    He was highly upset and agitated after reading her letter. Only after understanding the reason, why she is avoiding him
    He decided to join this college. He wanted to get close with her. Thats the reason why he has joined this college.

    He was angry with her that she had written a long explaination to him as if he knows nothing about her. She never
    Knew that he knows wat had happened to her.

    Next day he followed her father who came to drop her at college.
    He (father) entered into a his in that small street. He went inside the same house after few minutes.


    As soon he reached his house in Coimbatore, his mom started telling him the same matter that his sister has already told
    Him on phone. She said "i hav already met the girl once in temple. U both look like made for each other."

    Only then he realised that its not as easy as in cinemas and stories to tell about his love to his parents.
    In the evening, he and his father were alone in the house. He told his love story to his father in a hurry-burry manner and
    Waited for his reply. His father remained silent for a long time. He was expecting a huge fight. But his father's unusual
    Silence confused him and made him upset.

    After a long thinking his father said "if u marry a girl from other caste, will
    Our people ever respect us?" he gave the same silence as his reply. Finally his father said "ask her to talk with her parents first.
    Will see how they are reacting to this". This reply made him feel as if he has crossed half of the river. He wanted to let her
    Know about this immediately. But did not do that realising that she would be busy with her guests.


    He entered the house following her father. He introduced himself to everyone and started explaining everything to them.
    "I accept what u have said. I am also happy about it. First u both complete ur studies. It is not enough that u alone
    Agree for this. We will be happy if ur parents and all others in ur family also whole heartedly accept ur decision. First convince ur parents.
    Then I myself will come and talk to ur parents". Her father gave him a satisfying reply.
    "ok sir, I will come back after convincing my parents"


    She called him the next day. He asked her with urgency.
    "hey, wat happened?"
    "hmmm, engagement is over and the marriage date will be fixed soon"

    "hello, got frightened? Nothing happened. They have seen some bad simon when they entered our street. So they were not happy.
    They came to see my jus for the sake of it."

    "thank god... U know something. I am in Coimbatore now"
    "oh, wats the matter? U didn even tel me that"
    "come to Chennai. I have a good news for u"

    Next day when they met in office, he narrated her the entire story. She was happy to hear that.
    "hmmm, now tell. When can i come to meet ur father?"
    "hmmm? I am little more afraid now. I went home for all these ******** stuffs and if i am telling them now that i am in love,
    I am afraid how they will take it."
    "oh, shall I and talk directly to ur dad?"
    "no no. I myself feel little difficult to tell directly to my father. Y u want to take that risk. U dont know
    about my relatives", she inculcated fear in him.

    "so, how are we going to tell ur parents?"
    "hmmm, I am planning to write everything in a letter and send it to them"
    "that will make them feel disrespected. Better write a letter and give it to ur dad in person"
    "hmmm, I only should do that"


    Bus had crossed Trichy by a long distance. Her father's words were repeating in his heart.
    "it is not enough that u alone agree for this. We will be happy if ur parents and all others in ur family also whole heartedly
    Accept ur decision."

    Its true. Will my parents accept my decision? Even if dad accepts will my mom? He fell asleep as too many questions rised in his mind.
    It was evening when he reached home. Being so tired, he rested on his mother's lap. After all that is the place where we all will drain our worries.
    "what happened to u my son? Are u not feeling good?"
    He was silent.
    "is it a holiday? U didn't even inform us about ur arrival?"
    After many years he cried like a kid. He started to tell his mom the entire story from the beginning.

    After telling her the entire story, "I am not asking this because she has no one other than me, i also can't live without her. I wont live happy with
    Any other girl as I would be with her. Please, talk about this to dad!!!"
    He again rested his head on her laps.

    After all those emotional talks, his mom said, " part played by the relatives in a marriage ends by the time they present their gifts. No one cares about
    The life of the couple after that. No one is worried whether, the couple lives happily or not. Its only we who have to take care of our son's life. Leave aside
    Those relatives and think about our son. We will go to Trichy once and meet them."


    He asked her during the lunch time, "have you written the letter for your dad? When are u planning to go home?"
    "hmmm, its half complete"
    "hmmm ok, show it to me before you give it to ur father"
    "i won't. I wil give the diary to you, only after i am back from home"
    "hmmm yes, diary. A letter is not enough"
    He smiled at her.
    He got a sms from her on Friday night.

    ' I am leaving for Madurai to give the diary to my dad. I feel tensed. You don't call me. I will tell everything to you on Monday morning.'
    He started to behave crazy from that time. He was not in control of whatever he was doing. He called her on Sunday night.
    A sweet voice from the other side said, "the ***** number your trying to call is currently switched off. Please try again later."
    He called her the next morning. "switched off"
    He hurried to the office. He could not find her there. He called again. Same response. She did not come to the office till the evening.
    Her mobile remained switched off the next day also. The same continued for the day after too.
    She did not come to office. He went straight to the HR and enquired about her.

    He froze in shock to hear what the hr person said, "she said to me that she is going to resign as her marriage is fixed"


    The nextevening, he was with his parents at her house in Trichy.
    His mother said that they are happy to accept what their son wish is, as they want him to be happy for his entire life.
    She also added that they would take care of the girl as their own daughter.
    His father also repeated the same. He also expressed that it would have been better if all this had happened at the right time.

    She was standing in a corner in the same room. They all agreed to conduct the marriage as soon as both complete their studies.
    He sent off his parents to Coimbatore and met her at the college the next day.
    "hey, fool"
    She felt as if what was happening was a dream.


    After hearing the shocking a news from the HR, he was not in mood to go to the office. He had a feeling that all the places where they used to
    Spend time were making fun of him. Next week he received a mail from her gmail. He started reading it with great anticipation.

    She wrote that she doesn't deserve to talk to him and that is why she had kept her mobile switched off.

    She also wrote that, on the day she went home to give the diary, a family visited their home to see her and she was totally unaware of what
    Was happening that day. She continued that, as they liked her and both the families were happy about making alliance, she was not in a position to talk about her love at
    That situation and she had no other option to accept it.

    She requested him to forgive her and ended the long mail with a huge list of advices to him.


    "you are the fool. The fool who has accepted to marry me"

    "yes. A fool will only marry a fool"

    "i am asking you seriously now, are you accepting me whole heartedly?"

    "to tel truth, i am also a bit selfish. I cant live happily with anyone else other that you."

    She was shedding tears in happiness. He hugged her with love.


    Two months after her marriage, he got a chance to go abroad for a project. He was not able to concentrate
    In his work in the office were he had worked with her. So have a break from everything, he decided to fly to America.
    Exactly after one month in, he got a mail from a girl by name Ganga. He opened it without any interest.
    'I am ****'s friend. I am sending this mail to you from Madurai. She said all about you both, when her marriage was fixed.
    She gave me ur mail id and asked me to tell you everything. I asked her to call you by herself and explain to you.
    But i dont know whether she spoke to you or not. I also did not send any mail to you. But there is a reason why i am sending
    You this mail. Now she is a widow. Her husband was killed in an accident last week. I felt that i should tell this to you. Bye'

    After few days, he got her mobile number from Ganga and tried to talk with her. She disconnected the cut as soon as she heard his voice
    He tried again and again. Finally one day he heard this, "please check the number you have dialed"
    Realizing that she is in grief and not to kindle it any more he dropped his idea of contacting her forever.
    After a couple of months, when he mailed back to Ganga to know about her, he came to know that she had joined an
    MBA course in Trichy BIM and also her entire family had shifted to Trichy. Returning after his one year assignment in US,
    He resigned his job in Chennai and enrolled himself for MBA in BIM.

    First day, he went to college in the anxiety to meet her, and there…

    Induction function for the first year students started without much flair...

    Love always does not continue to exist in people who get a chance to live their entire life together…
    But sure it is alive in all who have separated…

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    Default Re: Love always does not continue to exist in people who get a chance to live their e

    very nicely narrated...superb story......good job



    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

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    Default Re: Love always does not continue to exist in people who get a chance to live their e

    good one.

    love starts like this for many & stops for some reason or other.

    true love always remains like the one in Chennai-Trichy love.


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