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Scribblings of a septuagenarian

Pujyasri Mahaswami Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal- Episode 33

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by , 18th April 2011 at 07:32 AM (2322 Views)
Jayendra Swamigal completing his Vijaya Yatra and many VIPS seeking Mahaswamigal's blessings at Kalavai

Episode 33

Jayendra Swamigal visited Vizag and Rajamundry and in the month of February he reached Vijayawada. At Vijayawada he convened a conference of all heads of mutts.

In the month of March he reached Kalahasthi after visiting Guntur and Nellur. He had darshan at the temple and then departed to Tirumalai. Jayendra Swamigal also followed his predecessor and visited all the places he visited and followed all the norms followed by him. He completed his Vijaya yatra successfully and joined Mahaswamigal at Kalavai in the year 1975.

In the meanwhile when mahaswamigal was staying at Thenambakkam a village near Kanchi, his eightieth birthday was celebrated by his devotees. Swamigal was sitting in a simple pandal erected at Sivalayam. Those who complete eighty years are known as “Aayiram pirai kandavar.”

His foreign devotee Greek queen Fredarica had mentioned that Maha Swamigal had made the moon blessed by giving his darshan to the moon on thousand crescent moon days. Paramacharya was staying in his hut all through the year before his eightieth birthday and did not come out to give darshan to devotees. When the devotees wanted to celebrate his eightieth birthday, he said that Adhi Sankara was the one who deserved all the celebrations and they should perform puja to him only. He did not allow the devotees to celebrate his eightieth birthday..

Once when he was at Thenampakkam Sirkazi Govindarajan and another poet Ezilmani had come to have his darshan. Sirkazi Govindarajan wanted to offer a music record in which he had sung songs in praise of Swamigal and he waited to obtain his blessings for the same. Swamigal was doing puja and both of them were waiting with other devotees. The devotees requested Sirkazi to sing a song, but he was reluctant as he thought it would affect the puja.

Suddenly to everybody’s surprise the door opened and the person who was assisting Swamigal came out and asked, “Has Sirkazi Govindarajan come here?”

Sirkazi came forward and said, “Yes, I am here.”

Then that person said, “Swamigal wants you to sing.”

He went back closing the door. Sirkazi Govindarajan was surprised for he did not give prior information to anyone in the mutt about his visit and so Swamigal had no chance of knowing it.

He started singing ‘Himathrisuthe pahimam’ and then the songs in praise of Acharya Swamigal. After the puja Swamigal came out and blessed him.

In the year 1975 at the end of the month of February Swamigal went to Kalavai where he was initiated as peetathipathi 68 years back. Jayendra Swamigal also reached Kalavai after completing his vijaya yatra. He arranged for Athirudra yajnam and also Chandi homam at kanchi to celebrate his Acharya’s sathabhishekam. The yajna gata thirtham was brought to Kalavai and abhishekam was performed to Acharya by Jayendra. They both performed the Vyasa puja also at Kalavai. Then both of them returned to kanchi.

During Maha Swamigal’s stay at Kalavai Kamaraj had come to have his darshan. It was around 6.30 p.m. and was a bit dark. The path to Sri Mutt was not good, but due to Kamaraj’s arrival it was partly done. Swamigal told the people to illuminate the path by keeping a petromax light.

As soon as Kamaraj alighted from the car he came with folded hands and said,“ I should have come long before, but now only I got the opportunity to have your darshan.”

Kamaraj had to look down to see Swamigal’s face as he was tall and Acharya had to look upwards. Suddenly Acharya had climbed upon a small bench so that Kamaraj could see his face. What humility! Kamaraj had offered him fruits and flowers and Swamigal touched and blessed them and told his assistant to give it to him. Then they both conversed for some time.

General Kariyappa also had come to Kalavai to have darshan of Acharya Swamigal.They both conversed in Kannada about Bhagavad Gita. Before taking leave he stood up and with folded hands and said, “Swamiji! I have seen many battles in my life and had to walk among dead bodies. But I never panicked. But when I stand before you my legs tremble and my voice fails me.”

Maha Swami looked at him with karunapoorva dhrushti and said, “God bless you. You have fought bravely for our country and my blessings will be always with you.”

The Reserve bank governor Mr H.V.R.Iyengar also went to have Acharya’s darshan. When he paid his obeisance to Acharya he looked at him and said, “I have read the article written by you in Kalaimagal Deepavali malar in which you hav mentioned when you had darshan of Malavalli Amman in your native village, you have visualisd your mother’s face reflecting in her face. It shows the love you have for your mother. I wanted to see you after reading the article and you have come now.”

When Iyengar heard this he became very emotional. He felt that he had obtained the purpose of his birth to hear those kind words from the great mahan.

Once Kannadasan also came with his wife Valliyammai to have darshan of Swamigal. Kannadasan who was an aetheist had become a devotee of Lord Krishna and had written many books about Hindu religion which were read and praised by lot of people.

Swamigal said, “People are telling me you write a lot about our religion and praise your writing very much.”

Kannadasan said, “I do not think I have done anything great. I find peace when I write about the good things in our religion. I need your blessings to continue my work.”

Swamigal said, “I bless you to continue your good work. You try to give the essence of philosophy in such a manner like a doctor who gives a bitter medicine with sugar coating. Then people will absorb it.”

Thiru Muruga Kripananda variyar came to have darshan of Acharya Swamigal. When he started to prostrate before him, Swamigal instantly stopped him. Variyar was bewilderd and was hesitating to ask him the reason. Then Swamigal himself cleared his doubt.

He said, “You are wearing a Linga at your chest and it should not touch the ground.”

Once Chief justice Ismail had come to see Acharya. He did not prostrate before Acharya when others who had accompanied him did so.The people who accompanied him felt embarrassed to see this. Acharya had noticed this and told them his religion might not allow this and so they should not take it as disrespect.

Thus Acharya was a keen observer and noticed minutely everything. His down to earth humility made people to give respect to him. Even when he went on yatra to Andhra, Karnataka and Maharashtra at his 84th year he did not use any modern transport and went on foot nearly 20 to 25 kms per day.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!
To be continued

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  1. sreemanavaneeth's Avatar
    Dear madam,
    Tks tks tks a lot for writing this. I had goose pimples and i felt as though i am with swamigal.
  2. radhikrish's Avatar
    Dear PS mam,

    Very nice episode, covering the visits of great many dignitaries to seek blessings of acharya swamigal.I missed last 2-3 episodes, I will go back read them and give fb. Thanks for bringing this to us.
  3. Pushpavalli Srinivasan's Avatar
    Dear Sreemathi,
    Through your fb you made my day! Thank you s.......o much.
  4. Pushpavalli Srinivasan's Avatar
    Dear radhika,
    Glad to see you here after a long time.
    Thank you for your sweet comments,
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