Have you published a cook book yet or is that in the pipeline?

Yes, I am working on a book. In fact the writing is almost complete and I am working on the pictures and styling now. I am still looking for a good publisher to publish it. I still have not decided the title yet, though. 

Is your business a work-from-home structure? Several women entrepreneurs run businesses from their homes, but how do you as a food writer manage to reach viewers across the world?

I am a freelancer, so working from home suits me fine. I have a separate home office so that when I am working my focus is on work. I keep myself updated on latest trends and news related to my industry, and I stay connected to people within the same industry. This keeps me abreast with the latest happenings. To me, food is a universal language that everyone understands, so I do not have to try hard.

What according to you are the 5 most important aspects to remember while trying to cook healthier food?

Here are my tips, and for more, you can always check my blog:

  • Always source your ingredient from the place where you produce it.
  • Try to buy certified organic food, as it’s free from harmful chemicals and hormones etc.
  • Choose a cooking technique that does not involve using lots of unhealthy fats, refined sugar or flour.
  • Plan ahead
  • If you are short on time and still want to eat healthy home cooked food, batch cooking and freezing your food is another option that involves minimal loss of nutrition.

 Thank you, Rekha, and we, at Indusladies, wish you all the best.