If you are a vegetarian trying to master the art of baking or have a dear one who has an egg allergy, then trying to find new and easy to incorporate egg substitutes for baking is always on your mind.

Egg substitutes for baking can range from flaxseeds, pureed fruits to the commercial egg replacer available in the market. We have collated for you tried and tested egg substitutes that have worked for Indusladies members.

List of egg substitutes and how to use them 

  1. I have been using ground flaxseed as egg substitute in baking and it comes out very well. To use this 1 egg ~= 1tbsp flaxseed powder + 3 tbsp water. Blend in the food processor for 2 mins. It will become viscous. I have made cake, naan, carrot cake, cookies and zucchini bread amongst other things – Beeamma
  2. I have used apple sauce (1/2 cup) or 1 banana as an egg substitute in many of my cakes, pan cakes and muffin recipes. It works great for me. Have also tried 1 heaped tbsp of soy powder mixed with water in place of an egg – pav_3
  3. I use EnerG brand Egg Replacer available in Sprouts market. It is basically potato starch and tapioca flour and I have baked banana bread and cakes – sundarusha
  4. I have used vinegar mixed with baking soda for eggless recipes. 1 egg=1 tbsp vinegar (preferably apple cider to avoid the harsh smell) and 1/2 tsp soda mixed together. – aarthi7
  5. I substitute 1 medium banana and 2 tbsp yogurt and froth them together, use it in the place of 1 egg. – advitha 
  6. Silken Tofu and Yogurt are other egg substitutes that can be used in baking recipes.

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