Mr Joe B Carvalho, the Arshad Warsi and Soha Ali starrer seems to be the best way to start the new year. Arshad Warsi is back with what he does best – “Comedy” and pretty Soha Ali Khan plays a police officer. Trying to seduce the detective Mr Joe B Carvalho played by Arshad Warsi, Soha Ali Khan takes on several different roles from a cabaret dancer to a skimpy bikini clad damsel. When asked about her comic role in the film she says “Comedy requires certain expressions which doesn’t make you look beautiful or elegant onscreen, but I don’t mind making fun of myself. What I love about this movie is that for the first time I was given an opportunity to break the image of doing certain roles”.   Commenting on her bright blue bikini appearance in a scene she says “The bikini was the need of the script and the director was more shy than me. This movie is a very clean family entertainer. So we did not have to do anything needless to titillate the audience”. There are a lot of laughs that one can expect what with Arshad Warsi and the ace comedian and talented actor Javed Jaffery coming together in the Bollywood movie Mr Joe B Carvalho. 

Directed by: Samir Tewari

Release Date: 03 Jan 2014