Dhoom 3 has broken all records and gone on to be a part of the 100 crore club in no time. However, are the movie fans completely satisfied? Is Hrithik being missed? Has Aamir made a mistake by signing Dhoom 3?Does Aamir Khan overshadow Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra? We bring you the views of the Indusladies community.  

1- It is a good entertainer. In the beginning you feel silly at the stunts, but then get used to it. Watchable once. But lot of effort have gone in the Malang and Kamli song, which is quite good – coolblues

2- It’s ok, was wondering why Aamir took up this movie since it started off with silly stunts. We get to know later why. One time watch movie though Aamir as usual worked hard to bring justice to the character – rose8282

3- Aamir first of all didn’t suit the role. Had the same been done by Hrithik it would not be anything less than a block buster. Katrina-what to even say about her, she is smoking hot but her dance moves were ewwwwwwwwww!!! There was no grace in her dance. The same moves if were to be done by Aish-Aish would have rocked. AB and Uday were usual. Dhoom3 is such a let down!! sweety17 

4- I miss hrithik :(oysterzzz

5- If you love Amir Khan, this movie will make you fall in love with him more.The magic of our perfectionist is certainly creating Dhoom at the box office. He is just so adorable and the plot of the movie is too good. I love how the movie unfolds itself. I am so happy that AB and Udays’ role were limited. Katrina’s intro song was also too good. she really rocked in the movie with that song ‘Kamli’.I also loved the special effects. they were simply WOW –  YoungLady

6- After watching the movie I felt like I watched a Hollywood movie – Moukthika9

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