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20 Delicious Kitty Party Snacks Ideas (With Recipes)

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Coming up with a lineup of delicious homemade kitty party snacks is one of the main dilemmas that the host usually faces in addition to organizing the games.

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Of course, one can always resort to ordering snacks from outside but that is not as much fun as rustling up your own kitty party recipes, and thereby also showing your culinary skills and earning appreciation from the other ladies present at the party. 

You can also go ahead and match your food with the theme of the kitty party that you plan. To help you in your endeavor, Indusladies brings you a comprehensive list of 20 delicious kitty party snacks ideas and recipes which you can effortlessly rustle up at your next get together. 


1. Stuffed Poha Buns

The poha bun combines the traditional favorite poha with a western touch added to it in the form of a bun making it one of the most creative and delicious kitty party snacks.

Stuffed Poha Buns Recipe


2. Dosa Spring Rolls

Everyone likes dosas, however you can add a Chinese twist to it by making dosa spring rolls for your kitty party.

Dosa Spring Rolls Recipe


3. Idli Fingers Chinese Style

Try out the scrumptious idli fingers Chinese style; it will be one of the most innovative kitty party recipes to try out.

Idli Fingers Chinese Style Recipe


4. Vegetable Fajitas

Vegetable fajitas are always a delight to relish; you can also make it as a kitty party snack.

 Vegetable Fajitas Recipe


5. Khasta Kachori

Delight all the ladies in your kitty party group by treating them to the delicious khasta kachori.

Khasta Kachori Recipe


6. Cheese Pakodas

Cheese pakodas make for an ideal snack during kitty parties.

Cheese Pakodas Recipe


7. Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable cutlets are easy to make and is a good “chatpata” kitty party snack.

Vegetable Cutlet Recipe


8. Peas Dhokla

Dhoklas are easily available in the market; however why don’t you serve a homemade batch with an added twist of making it with peas.

Peas Dhokla Recipe


9. Chilli Bread

The chilli bread is a mouthwatering snack which will earn you a lot of appreciation from your kitty friends.

Chilli Bread Recipe


10. Nachos

This Mexican delight can be rustled up in your own kitchen, revel in all the compliments you will get when you serve this as a kitty party snack.

Nachos Recipe


11. Dahi Vada

This famous street food makes for a very good kitty party snack recipe.

Dahi Vada Recipe


12. Paneer Burger

A paneer burger is a delight for vegetarians and is also not quite difficult to make.

Paneer Burger Recipe


13. Vegetable Puff

Vegetable puffs make for easy munchies to nibble on when you are gossiping away with your group of ladies.

Vegetable Puff Recipe


14. Tandoori Chicken

Who doesn’t like the all time delectable tandoori chicken; this is reason enough to serve it at your next kitty party. The icing on the cake is it being home made.

Tandoori Chicken Recipe


15. Moong Chat

The moong chat is one of the easiest to make kitty party snacks which are also well appreciated.

Moong Chat Recipe


16. Thin Crust Chicken Pizza

The thin crust chicken pizza makes for a tasty snack which is universally loved, so you can prepare it for your next kitty party with our recipe.

Thin Crust Chicken Pizza Recipe


17. Marble Idli

Rustle up a colorful twist to the idli by serving the marble idli as snack.

Marble Idli Recipe


18. Pasta Corn Cutlet

The pasta corn cutlet is well enjoyed as one of the easy to make and tasty kitty party snacks and recipes. You can learn how to make it with our recipe.

Pasta Corn Cutlet Recipe


19. Samosa

Samosa are one of the most favorite all time snacks that can be a part of kitty party recipes too. So, for your next event you can serve up a batch of crispy and delectable samosas.

Samosa Recipe


20. Vegetarian Kababs

The vegetarian kababs make for savory delights and make for an ideal snack during a kitty party.  

Vegetarian Kababs Recipe


We hope your next kitty party is a success with our list of kitty party snacks ideas. For more inputs on making your kitty party successful, check out the easy tips for hosting a kitty party

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