It’s that time of the year when the winter chill sets in and with it brings the much awaited Christmas cheer.

Most of you must have already started on your festivities, decorating the Christmas tree, hanging the stockings, cleaning the house, preparing for the cake, deciding the menu for D-day and so on.

And of course how could I forget the most important ritual of all – shopping for gifts. The tradition of giving gifts during this season goes back to the Magi. They came from the east of Jerusalem in search of baby Jesus and brought with them gifts of gold, incense and myrrh. Taking on from them, gifting your loved ones during Christmas has become a special occasion.

And who does not love to get gifts. When I was a young girl, I remember waking up on Christmas morning and fumbling under my pillow to feel the gifts Santa would have left for me when I was in dreamland.

I would barely be able to open my sleepy eyes but that did not matter. I was sure Santa would have left something for me and would grope around desperately till I found it.

Years later I realized that Santa was actually mommy dear. But so what? Now I have a baby boy of my own for whom I have to don Santa’s robe. But I still look under my pillow hoping my Santa (read husband) would have left something for me too.

Christmas Shopping

During Christmas, most of us have to do loads of shopping, for us as well as for our near and dear ones. It can be fun as well as exhausting.

Imagine having to choose a gift for everyone according to their preferences, keeping in mind what they like and what they don’t. That is quite a daunting task for sure.

It would surely help if you plan before hand. For example, it really helps if you chalk out a list of all the people whom you need to give gifts. Then beside each ones name, you can jot down a few options as to what they might like as gifts.

So when you are out shopping, you know exactly which shops to target instead of running from pillar to post deciding on gifts.

Gifting Ideas

Of course your budget will have a lot of influence on the final outcome of your shopping list. There are so many things that you can buy as gifts: clothes, accessories, bags, perfume, makeup, shoes and the lists are endless.

But here are a few gifting ideas that may be a little different than the usual track and may interest you when you chalk out your list:

Personalized Items:

There s nothing like a personal touch when you are gifting anybody. Consider giving a personalized diary with the picture and name of the receiver engraved on it or a coffee mug with a nice picture of you and the receiver.

Won’t you love it when you get something like this? Just shows how thoughtful of the person to gift you something that you can keep for ages.

Food Hamper:

Picture this. You open the gift wrap and you see a pretty little basket filled with delicious muffins and cakes and pastries and cookies.

Aren’t you salivating just with the very thought of this? Foodie or not foodie, no one can resist freshly baked goodies. You may decide to order them from your favorite bakery.

Or, if you are the one who have immense culinary skills, you will bake them yourself. Either way, it’s awesome.

Wine and Flowers:

You can also send compliments of the season with wine and flower bouquets. Of course this rules out kids and people who do not like to drink.

Gifts for Pets:

Now that you have bought gifts for everybody in the family, I hope you have not forgotten your furry friends here. It’s Christmas time for your pets too. Pamper them with their favorite toy or treat.

You may also consider buying them woolen clothes or a warm bed. Anything will do as long as you make them feel loved and special during the festivities.

So Merry Christmas and happy shopping!