Hinduism is a bedrock of concepts which most Hindus believe and concur. It is believed that our actions and attitude in life are based on our thoughts and beliefs. Apart from other strong Hindu beliefs here is a list of interesting customs that are practiced by many even today. These have been passed across generations from our ancestors.These were mainly followed to lead an orderly, hygienic and peaceful life.

1. Do not let your hair loose while performing Pooja.

2. While cooking rice, add a few lentils, if you don’t cook lentils separately that day, reason being plain rice is served only on inauspicious occasions.

3. Do not comb your hair after sunset.

4. While serving, bend your hand inwards and not outwards, reason being wrist is bent outwards only for inauspicious occasions.

5. Serve sweet first on the plate and never the rice. If sweet is not available, serve curry.

6. Always draw double-lined kolams to attract prosperity.

7. When buying groceries for the month, buy turmeric or sugar as the first items followed by other items as a sign of auspiciousness.

8. Do not buy oil, needle, broomstick, pepper, salt after sunset.

9. It is customary to make a small idol of Ganesha from dough before making any snacks such as murukku, seedai, etc. Do not fry it.

10. Cat’s hair in home is considered inauspicious and hence should not fall in home or garden.