Do you suffer from a mental block at times? You are not alone. Everyone experiences a mental block from time to time. Be it a writer, painter, graphic designer, artist or chef, it is quite common to suffer from such blocks. You do not have to spend an entire day fretting and fuming in getting over it. Here are few ways through which you can find inspiration.

Spend time outside your den

Most creative professionals spend most time in their study, that it sometimes becomes necessary to get out and seek inspiration from the gifts of mother nature. Do one of your favorite things to get your adrenaline going.  Example: Gardening, walking, jogging, simply watching the sunset, cooking, washing or cleaning are few such activities.

Change in Environment

Sitting in the same place for days together can sometimes, hinder your thought process. Consider changing your work place temporarily to let your creative juices flow. Head to another room, a park, a bookstore or a nearby coffee shop and find that spark of creativity.

Have a Good Sleep

This known tactic is sometimes forgotten. Research show that napping or sleeping over problems, helps to get closer to the solution of the problem. Sleep organizes thoughts, extracts knowledge and makes new associations. Therefore, you may focus on a problem better if you simply sleep on it for a day.


Take any book that catches your attention and find inspiration in the phrases, graphics or the ideas written in the book or magazine. Your mind can make brilliant association at few of these things that you would have never imagined.

Listen to Music

Music has the power to heal, motivate and create. Tap the power of music by listening to your favorite instrumental or songs to help your brain make new connections and associations. The creative force of music can actually spark marvelous things in you.