With both wardrobe basics understanding and the basics for your wardrobe covered, now we will aim to understand when to save and when to spend.  

Next time you are out shopping and thinking whether to buy a dressy tunic or a lovely shirt, remember these pointers and then use a logic to save or spend.

Dress Bottoms:

  • Denims: Spend

Every wardrobe irrespective of age has this versatile piece of clothing. The fit has to be perfect. Try as many pairs as you want and then buy the one that just feels right. Don’t look at the cost than, it will be your second skin. So spend, not splurge on Jeans.

  • Black Pants: Spend

For any working lady, the importance of black pants is tremendous. They have a slimming effect on the lower body, it’s a universal colour, and a number of shirts and blouses go with it. So when in doubt, wear black.

Boardroom meeting dress code includes black pants and a blazer; while  party time includes black pants and a shimmery blouse. So spend in a good quality and fitted pant.

  • Coloured Pants: Save

They are trendy and in fashion right now. So unless it’s a very basic color like brown, don’t spend much on these. Spending on corals or red pants are a big no.

  • Beige Cigarette Pant Or  Cotton Churidar: Spend

More than the money, the key here is to get the right fit. Don’t compromise on that. If you are bottom heavy than get black . This will again go with all your Indian ethnics for Office / informal wear.

Dress Tops:

  • Tunics or Ethnic Tops : Save

You are not going to repeat the same tunics every alternate day, so don’t splurge. Get good quality fabric and couple of colours and style to change your look every day. You can also get a common white, beige, or silk tunic on which you can spend.

  • T-Shirt: Save

We wear tees close to our skin, washing and washing them again, ruining its’ shelf life. So unless it’s a basic black tee, don’t spend much. But don’t get very flimsy fabrics either.

  • Dress: Spend

If you like wearing dresses to work then get a knee length shift dress in a dark color like black, brown, or deep blue. Combined with a basic jacket and you are all set for the office; or combined with a jazzy scarf or bolero jacket, and all set for a nice dinner party.

  • Jacket: Spend

If you stay in city where you have winters, unlike Mumbai where winter is a joke, spend on a good style, high on comfort. If you have heavy bust, don’t opt for cropped jackets.

  • Silk Sarees : Spend

Original silk is an all season favourite for all. So get at least one silk saree in the color you love. I prefer red, because it just adds festivity to the occasion.


  • Bra : Spend

A good fitting bra can make or break your outfit. So ladies specially mothers please go to a nice place, get yourself measured properly and invest in two wired bras (black and nude). No whites please.

  • Brief : Save

Simple reason is we need to change them often and replace them often. So get couple of styles for various kinds of bottoms your wear.


  • Work Shoes and Bag: Spend

Whatever your style is, peep toes, pumps, kitten heels… spend on the pair of shoes that you are going to wear every single day and for minimum 8 hours. Choose comfortable shoes, good fabric, and classic colours.

  • Evening Shoes and Bag: Save

Depending on your lifestyle you can decide to save or spend. If you are the party and fine dining kinds or if you have too many weddings to attend then invest or just save.

  • Stud Earrings: Spend

Real or American diamonds, have at least one pair that you can just wear every single day if you have to.

The list goes on and on.  The idea here is for you to know your lifestyle, and then decide on whether to save or spend on the purchase.

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