My blue denims and a black tee, they can create various looks for me, so that’s my wardrobe basics. This is going to be a three part article, and trust me; if you follow at least 80% of the things, then you will be a wise shopper henceforth.

So What Exactly Do You Understand By Wardrobe Basics?

The basics of wardrobe are those multipurpose clothes that are always there in our wardrobe. Black formal pants if you are working, denims for outings, basic black tee and so on. Although they look boring but they are very versatile and essential.

They are –

  • Flexible:

They can change your whole look by adding few accessories.

  • Trend Proof:

They are basics; you can never go wrong with that. For example, in an interview you can never go wrong if you are wearing a white shirt and formal pant.

  • All Season:

No matter what season it is, these clothes are always in season

  • Style Saving:

If red hot pants are in season, then tone them down by a basic black tee.

  • Outfit Multipliers:

It is said that 12 basic garments can create up to 80 outfits. So just think about it. Even if you have 50% of your wardrobe as basic wardrobe, than how many looks you can create.

  • Wardrobe Foundation:

They are definitely wardrobe foundation. If you are on a low budget and trying to just get started than these basics are of great help. 

So How Do These Work?

Very frankly, they are not exciting. Even shopping for them is no fun. But from the time I have realized what important role these essentials play in my wardrobe and styling, I just can’t do without them. 

I know I can never go wrong with my plain staple pieces. For example, you have plain white shirt, you can add red heels and earrings, and a statement neckpiece, or wear it over your denims for chic look, or wear it under your business suit for the leadership look.

Few Guidelines to Buy Wardrobe Basics:

  • Check your wardrobe. Before going on a shopping spree, it is wise to check the wardrobe and review the contents. 
  • I always insist on this point to all my clients, that every single garment that you purchase should suit your lifestyle. 
  • Get at least two of each, so if white shirt is your basic get two white shirts in different pattern or fabric.
  • Get each essential in neutral color, so if you want to buy a formal pant, buy black first than move on to beige or green.
  • Avoid fancy detailing in the basics.
  • Same applies to accessories, bags and shoes. Always have basics like black and tan in your wardrobe, these colors go with most of the formal wear and have gold,  gold- silver mix for traditional.

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