Who said pregnant women need to forget all about their fashion sense? In fact, with most women working and leading independent lives, dressing right is a necessity. Among the many factors that influence maternity wear, the most important one is comfort.

The clothes you wear should be loosely fitted, and should in no way restrict your body’s growth and blood circulation. But that doesn’t mean style needs to take a back seat.

If you’re stuck in a rut on how to look good with your ever changing size, here are some tips just for you.

Go Denim:

Pregnant women often give up on jeans, which is understandable, since your teeny tiny waist is not the same anymore. Well, take heart, because now maternity jeans and pants come with a broad, soft elastic waistband, which takes the shape of your belly. You will probably need these by the time you’re in your second trimester, and start showing. These jeans are available at most outlets, but you’ll probably find them easily at maternity and plus size stores.


The best shape that suits expectant mothers is the A-Line. A-Line tops and dresses are narrow from the bust and wide as they go down, a perfect way to conceal your new found curves. The best part is that it’s airy and extremely comfortable to be in. Be experimental and try out bright shades, deep necks (you’ll love to flaunt your cleavage), and sleeveless designs.


Most of the weight you put on when you’re pregnant is on your belly, back and chest. Your arms and legs stay the same, more or less. So make the most of it with colourful cotton-lycra leggings that hug your shapely legs, but keep you comfortable around the belly. Pair them with long tops or kurtas for a stylish look.


They look good on you, whether you’re pregnant, or not. Palazzo pants bring the 70s charm back, with their tapered shape, and wide bottoms. They’re available with stretchable waist bands, as well so you won’t have to worry about them being tight around your belly. You can pair printed palazzos with loose fitting T-shirts in solid colours. Though most stores stock these pants, cheaper versions are also available at flea markets.