I love winter. Plus in the winter my skin glows and there are so many weddings to flaunt the perfect glow.

Winter 101

So I am not writing 101 ideas for winter, but a small rundown of different kind of jackets, shrugs, shawls for making you look the stylish woman you are.

Regular V Neck Sweaters:

As the name suggests, they are regular, have been around since many years. Cricketers used to wear them in white earlier. If you have one than you are lucky, or steal from your dad’s closet. It suits all body types and styled in different ways. Use it to colour block with a different colour tee or vest inside, e.g.: a blue sweater and green tee. For afternoons, when it is slightly less chilly, use it as a top on your colored denims or pants.

Turtle Neck Sweater:

Again this is a wardrobe classic. If you are heavy on the bust, then stay away from this style as it emphasizes the bust too prominently.  Since the neck is closed, you can wear so many different neckpieces around.


This is the most versatile winter piece.  You get cropped cardigans, waterfall cardigans, regular cardigans, and all other sorts. Open, close, wrap style, the list of style statements for the cardigan is endless. The choice of fabrics is infinite.  Shrugs are milder forms of cardigans. This helps is camouflaging the midriff. While using a cardigan, choose the right kind of tees, or shirts or vest inside and choose correct length of cardigans. The benefit of cardigan is that it can be used for western and Indian wear. The rules are same as any third layer.

  1. If you are bottom heavy, the length of your cardigan should be regular, i.e. it should cover half of your hip.
  2. If you have midriff variation, avoid the side pocket cardigan or close button or any such design detail / fabric that can add bulk.
  3. If you are petite, then you can opt for cropped cardigan.
  4. Wrap cardigans can be used as tops.

Sweater Dress:

These are like long sweaters, and can be used as a dress with boots and/or with leggings. The style of the dress is important. So check that properly, because the fabric is going to be slightly on the heavier side.


Aaahh, this is the piece of clothing that I love, but being a Mumbaikar we hardly have any winters. We all wait for the temperature to dip a little and out comes the jackets. Again jackets have multiple varieties like cardigan. The only differences between cardigan and jackets are the structured style and fabric. Jackets give a structured look and can be used in only western wear.


It is the ultimate winter essential for the sheer elegance it provides. Use it on a saree, or with tops or tunics. Get an original Pashmina, if you are going to use it to keep you warm.


This is a stylish winter accessory. Use with sweaters or jackets, just get that pop of colour. Use wool scarves in winter, just to match up the weather, and use any colour, besides gray and black.

So ladies, have fun during winters, eat lots of undhiyu, sarson ka saag, and other leafy veggies, and prep your skin and body for the summers.