Editor’s Note: Tomatoes not only add more chutzpah to food but are also an effective ingredient of many remedial face packs. They can be used to topically treat many skin problems and the results are quite beneficial. In fact, our member Shobaji has listed out a few nifty tomato therapies for problematic skin.    

It is advisable to first do a skin patch test with a tomato to ensure that it does not irritate your skin or cause an adverse reaction.

Tomato therapy for spots:

For marks and spots, take one table spoon of tomato juice add 2-3 drops of lemon to make a paste. Apply and massage in the face and neck. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it. If used regularly, all the spots and marks will disappear.

Tomato therapy for pimples:

Tomato contains Licopine which is a medicine to cure pimples. Cut the tomato into half and press it in the place of pimple. Or make the tomato paste and apply. Wash after half an hour. For better results, do it regularly.

Tomato therapy for oily skin:

Is your skin oily and not to able to go out even after make up? Then try this. Take equal quantity of tomato and cucumber juice, apply it to the face and neck. Wash after half an hour.

Tomato therapy for sun burn:

During summer, even after applying sunscreen the face and neck will darken. So after coming back apply tomato with curd to face, neck and wash it. The skin will glow.

In case of queries, feedback or doubt, feel free to discuss it here. You can also add other tomato therapy tips or share your own experiences.