Spring Clean Your Makeup

So with summers setting in, I got my florals out and to match the vibrant colours of my outfit, surely need to update the makeup kit.

Do you all need to update?  But before you start investing in new products, have you ever thought of cleaning the existing makeup kit?

Spring clean your makeup kit with few simple tips below:

Check Expiry Date

Know the expiry dates of your products, now cosmetics don’t come with an expiry date like food products, but you should discard them over a period of time. Read below a small list of how often you should replace the products. Unless specifically stated by the manufacturer, use the below makeup expiry dates as a guide to how long you should keep a product once opened.

Foundation/ concealer/ toner/ moisturizer: Everything that goes on your face as a base, expiry date is 1 year, may be 1.5 years maximum

  • Eye cream – preferably 6 months
  • Liner/ mascara – 1 year
  • Powders – Eye shadow / blush – 2 years
  • Lipsticks/ lip pencils/ eye pencils/ – 2 years

Know Your Brushes

Although it is said that you should clean you brushes every time you use it but if this is not possible, then do it at least every three months if your usage is more, and once in 6 months compulsorily for brushes you use less. The right way to clean your brushes is soak them in lukewarm soapy water for about 30 min, than wash them softly with hand, and condition them with a hair conditioner. Leave them to dry in natural sunlight for some time.

Clean Your Makeup Bag

Clean your makeup bag just like you clean your wardrobe. Remove everything from the bag, makeup boxes or drawers, give the products a good wipe. Let everything dry for a couple of minutes. Put some good smelling confetti inside the box for a pleasing scent, when you open it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Throw Away

It happens sometimes that we have some very costly products and we don’t like to part with them but

  1. If the products are past it’s expiry date, than they will not be safe on your skin.
  2. If you have concealer, blush or other powders that are broken or cracked , but fairly new or not past the expiry date than try re pressing them.
  3. Replace all puffs, sponges periodically.

Preserve Your Makeup

Nail paints will last you for 6 months if you keep the bottle tightly shut. 

For Lipsticks and eye pencils, always scrape the top of the lipstick / eye pencil with a dry tissue or cotton after every use, to prevent any kind of allergies.

Mascara is one product that cannot be cleaned and it touches our eye closely so don’t use mascara more than a year, and don’t try and clean the brush.

Disposable are called disposable for a specific reason, don’t try to reuse them.


It’s not because of application of makeup that we spoil our skin; it’s because of the half-baked knowledge of product expiry and usage. Makeup is used like a second skin, so don’t use anything that is past its expiry, not cleaned properly, or smells funny.