If you feel bad thinking that your lips are no longer rosy, but are dark and cracked, its time you do something about it.

First identify the reason behind darkening of your lips. Lips are dark or may get darkened mostly due to two reasons. One, you may have genetically dark lips.

The second reason for the darkening of the lips is environmental. Smoking leads to darkening of the lips, as do frequent intake of tea and coffee, as well as long term use of certain lipsticks and cosmetics.

Identify the reason now, before its get too late.

  • If you smoke, aim to quit the habit.
  • Cut down the consumption rate of coffee and tea.
  • Stop using long stay lipsticks as these tend to darken your lips very fast. Get used to refreshing your lipstick every few hours, by using a more skin-friendly brand, preferably with spf.
  • Don’t suck your lips as the saliva dries out the lips and makes them worse.

Try natural remedies to improve the texture of your lips:

  • Apply white petroleum jelly on your lips before going to bed.
  • While brushing in the morning gently brush your lips. This helps remove the dead cells on your lips. Be very gentle while doing so or you might end up hurting your lips badly. Try this once a week.
  • Apply ghee on your lips before going to bed. Leave it on your lip for the whole night. Ghee keeps the lips soft, moist and helps bring back the natural colour.
  • Apply almond oil on your lips. Almond oil is quite popular as a balm for dark lips
  • Take few strands of saffron soaked in milk cream. Apply the mixture on your lips. Leave for maximum two hours.
  • Try a paste of lime and honey on your lips before going to bed. While honey will be acting as a moisturizer for your lips, lemon juice will be the bleaching agent for your lips and will aid in lightening them.

As with any lightening treatment, don’t expose yourselves to sun immediately when you try these remedies.